Dian Fossey

by Jillian from New York

One great heroine is Dian Fossey. She is a heroine because she tried very hard to stop poaching. A poacher is someone who hunts illegally for money. She also tried to save as many mountain gorillas as possible.

Dian Fossey was born in San Francisco on January 16, 1932. A few years later, her mother and father got a divorce. Her father moved away, so she lived with her mother. When her mother remarried, she had a lukewarm relationship with her mother and stepfather. Dian then developed a strong connection with animals.

Dian Fossey had many obstacles. When she went to Africa to study gorillas, there was a lot of poaching. Another obstacle was getting food for herself and her helpers. The closest village was a long trip away. Even though it took time from gorillas, she did it. The third obstacle was the people who were helping Fossey. They were friendly at first, but soon became rude and difficult. I do not know why they became rude and difficult. Finally, Dian sometimes had trouble even finding the gorillas she wanted to study.

Dian had many character traits. She always stood up for what she believed was right, and was very brave. She did this by getting a group of people together to get rid of all the traps that poachers put out. She also took on a science project about gorillas, and she didn’t even know the first thing about them. Finally, she was very unselfish because she sacrificed her time for a good cause.

Dian made many contributions to everyone. She wrote a book called, Gorillas in the Mist, which became very popular and was made into a movie in 1988. She also started a global fund called, “The Digit Fund,” which she established to help stop poaching. Dian Fossey was found murdered one morning on December 27, 1985. Many people were sad because she was dead. Her killers were never found; the police suspect poachers.

Dian Fossey is a great hero. She inspired me and I hope she will inspire you, too.

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