Fred "McFeely" Rogers

by Ewan LaFond from Chicopee, Massachusetts in United States

"Won't You Be My Neighbor?"

142507Fred and Joanne RogersUnknown author, Public domain, via Wikimedia CommonsIn life, there are many ways to determine a hero. Usually it is someone who helps for no personal gain, but it isn’t just physical help. For instance one of the greatest heroes ever was a television star. Fred McFeely Rogers, more commonly known as Mr. Rogers from “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.” Mr. Rogers was the kindest, most caring person to come along for a really long time. He simply just wanted to help children adapt to the changing world around them. Fred Rogers began a TV broadcasting one day that would eventually change the world around it. Mr. Rogers was there on screen, and teaching children how to be kind to others. He was teaching life lessons those children would carry through their lives. The best thing is, he didn’t do this for personal gain. The best thing to him was the children tuning in to learn about life and basic educational things.

As a kid, Fred Rogers’ grandfather showed him true kindness. According to Mr. Rogers, his grandfather was one of the sweetest people to him. Since Fred was shown such kindness, he wanted to give that same kindness to the world. He began his television career to show everyone kindness and compassion. He went incredibly far in life, and created charities designed to help educate children that didn’t go to school. Throughout his entire life, Mr. Rogers was fighting to teach as many kids as possible how to be incredibly compassionate and caring.

Mr. Rogers is truly my hero, because he showed me how to be a kind person. His caring demeanor and compassion showed me and countless other kids how to truly be kind to others and have true compassion. He should be a hero for all to look up to. He is both a true idol, and a true hero.


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