From the Sue's Musings Series: The Drowned Kingdom Saga by P.L. Stuart

by Sue Bavey and P. L. Stuart from USA and Canada

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146196P. L StuartP. L. StuartP. L. Stuart is a Canadian high fantasy author, of Ghanaian and Barbadian descent. He lives in Chatham, Ontario, with wife Debbie. "A Drowned Kingdom" is the first novel in "The Drowned Kingdom Saga."

From P. L. Stuart:

Hi everyone! I'm P.L. Stuart! Nice to meet you! I’m an experienced writer, in that I’ve been writing stories all my life, yet never thought to publish them. I’ve written informally - short stories - to entertain friends and family, for community newspapers, volunteer organization magazines, and of course formal papers for University. Now, later in life, I’ve published what I believe is a great fantasy novel, and definitely worth reading, called "A Drowned Kingdom".

My target audience is those who enjoy “high fantasy”. "A Drowned Kingdom" is not “dark fantasy”. It’s written in a more idealized and grandiose style that I hope isn’t too preachy, and not too grim.Still, I’m hoping my book has appeal to those who don’t typically read this type of work - those who don’t read fantasy of any kind - because of the “every-person” themes permeating the novel: dysfunctional familial relationships, extramarital temptation, racism, misogyny, catastrophic loss, religion, crisis of faith, elitism, self-confidence, PTSD, and more.

Many of these themes I have either personal experience with, or have friends or family who have dealt with such issues. I’ve had a long professional law enforcement career, undergone traumatic events, yet been buoyed by family, faith, and positivity. I’m a racialized middle-aged man. I’ve seen a lot of life.

Ultimately I want the planned series, of which "A Drowned Kingdom" will be the introduction, to be one of hope, and overcoming obstacles to succeed, which I believe is my story as well.

My protagonist, Othrun, will undergo a journey where he’ll evolve, change, and shape a continent. He’s not always likeable. He’s a snob, bigot, is vain, yet struggles with confidence. He’s patriarchal. Overall, he’s flawed. But even ordinary flawed people can change. We’re all redeemable. Ordinary people can make a difference, not just fictional Princes. I want that message to shine through my work.

I love to engage with readers and the Writing Community! Feel free to message me here on Goodreads if you wish to ask any questions about my writing, or to simply chat fantasy!

I am also active on Twitter! You can speak to me there @plstuartwrites! Take care, and have a wonderful day!

146197A Drowned KingdomP. L. StuartRead Sue’s Book Review HERE

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