Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco

by Elizabeth from Montvale

Many people don't know who Princess Grace Kelly was, but for those who do, they admire her for her qualities. She was not only a princess, but she was an actress too. She helped many people when they needed it and made them happy.

Grace was born on November 12, 1929 in Philadelphia. Her father was rich, and she had two sisters and one brother. In the autumn of 1934, she started school at the Academy of the Assumption. She completed high school in May 1947, after transferring to Stevens School in Germantown, in 1943. She then started school at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, in New York City. In 1949 she started her acting career in a Broadway show, "The Father." After that she featured in eleven more films. She was also in some more plays. At the end of 1955, while filming her movie, "To Catch a Thief," Grace's engagement to Prince Rainer was announced. Grace got married to the Prince on April 19, 1956. They rode away on Prince Rainer's yacht to their honeymoon. The 27-year-old Grace Kelly was now Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco.

Shortly after she had come back from her honeymoon, she found out she was pregnant. On January 23, 1957, Princess Grace was thrilled to have her first-born child, Princess Caroline. About a month before Caroline was born, Grace started a yearly Christmas party for all the children of Monaco, where no parents were allowed. She was also the President of the Red Cross, which kept her busy. She became president of AMADE, a group that helps undeveloped countries with education and medicine.

A little more than a year after Caroline's birth, Prince Albert was born on March 15, 1958. She got pregnant one more time and had another girl, Princess Stephanie, on February 1, 1965, seven years after the birth of Albert. All of Princess Grace's children were growing up beautifully. One day in September, Grace took Stephanie for a drive. They got into a car accident. Stephanie managed to get out with a few minor injuries, but Grace wasn't so lucky. She suffered a minor stroke and died the next day, September 14, 1982.

I hope that some kids will read my report to learn about her. Then, at least a few more people will walk away, knowing about Princess Grace Kelly and her story, as I did while doing this hero project.

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