I'm Rahul Mukherjee, Born in New Delhi(capital of India), lives & work in Vadodara City (Gujarat). I have done Bachelors in Fine Arts in Painting from College of Art, New Delhi (1999) and Masters in Fine Arts in Painting from Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda (2001). I'm a visual artist and have been teaching Visual Arts as a Visiting Faculty in colleges (Assistant Professor), teaching & conducting workshops at various schools and colleges in India past 18 years.

Transitions was a thorough part of my life with lots of ups and downs which played very important role to shaped me a sensible, community & rooted person. I’ve maintained my art practice along with the academic path, where always have the option to learn and contribute simultaneously. To explore, have travelled, done lot of activities, achieved new technical skills and performed professionally. Even though I have specialized in painting I have been working in Installations and sculptures along with painting since 2010.