George Lucas

by Colin Altevers Harris from San Diego, California in United States

133622nicolas genin from Paris, France [CC BY-SA 2.0 (] Lucas is known to be one of the most famous and creative filmmakers of all time. Although, it wasn’t just his movies that made him so successful, it was his ideas and inspiration to his audience which made him successful. Throughout George Lucas’ career, he had many inspiring moments which brought new ideas to his audience which inspired them to do great things. George Lucas’ creative ideas created many cool and unique movies which he brought to the theatres worldwide. George Lucas changed the way we see science fiction through his Star Wars series and etc. His inspiration to the world was amazing. “Born May 14, 1944, in Modesto, CA; son of George (a retail merchant) and Dorothy Lucas.” (George Lucas.” Contemporary Authors). George Lucas was born in 1944 where he first learned to walk. When George Lucas grew up and was in high school, he wanted to go to USC for film school to pursue his dream of being a filmmaker. George Lucas was “Director and writer of motion pictures, 1970--; founder, Lucasfilm,” (“George Lucas.” Contemporary Authors). A hero must possess courage and kindness. A hero must have courage and kindness because they must be able to risk their own life to save someone else’s life. George Lucas possessed both of these by always accepting his audience to criticize his movie to make them better and to have courage to step up and make such successful movies. George Lucas is considered a hero through his artistic vision and passion which led to his amazing franchise of movies that inspired young audiences that changed science fiction forever.

133627FDV [CC BY-SA 3.0 (] Lucas has many great movies, although his artistic vision is what is behind his amazing movies. George Lucas’ artistic vision has brought him so far in the movie business, although his movies weren’t created just for entertainment, but for a story and a purpose which changed the science fiction genre forever and the cinematic world forever. Through his movies of science fiction, he used improved technology to change the way we see science fiction and cinematic entertainment.  Lucas's use of technology, especially the innovation of wedding cameras to computers, created a cinematic revolution.” (“George Lucas.” St. James Encyclopedia Gale). George Lucas’ innovation of using wedding cameras and computers through his movies created amazing movies changing the way we see movies/entertainment. George Lucas’ artistic vision of using new and improved cameras and computers revolutionized the cinematic world; inspiring millions of other filmmakers to do the same thing. George Lucas’ artistic vision created many different ideas on using improved technology for his movies to create a better cinematic environment. This revolutionized the cinematic world. George Lucas used artistic vision throughout his career, although it started in college of when his dream was to be a filmmaker. “A place where filmmakers and writers can gather and share ideas and study and help each other.” (“George Lucas.” Contemporary Authors Gale). Throughout George Lucas’ career, George Lucas has referred back to his life in film school with all his filmmaker friends. He had an artistic vision on that he should bring all his filmmaker friends together and share ideas on movies to make them perfect for the cinematic world. George Lucas had so many good ideas in college which involved many of his filmmaking friends which gave him the idea of bringing them together to share ideas. George Lucas’ artistic vision on making movies with his filmmaking friends; would change the cinematic world by changing the way we see science fiction forever. George Lucas created every movie with an artistic vision which included improved technology and improved ideas that would perfect his movie franchises forever.

133631AP Wirephoto [Public domain] Lucas’ passion has driven him to succeed and bring many great movies to the entertainment business. George Lucas’ passion for filmmaking became a reality when he came out with his first popular movie, American Graffiti. “ Lucas first achieved financial success with his movie "American Graffiti," which was released in 1973.” (“George Lucas.” Contemporary Authors Gale). Through George Lucas’ career, he has always had passion for making movies which gave him the mentality of never giving up. This mentality made him successful when he kept making and editing his movies until they were perfect which made them popular in the entertainment business. George Lucas’ passion for movie making made him famous and successful by always driving forward to make his movies the best that they could be. This gave him the advantage in the movie making business by making so many of his movie franchises popular among the cinematic world. George Lucas became one of the most known and famous movie makers when he created the Star Wars franchise.“Star Wars became one of the most successful movie franchises in film history which helped make Lucas among the most powerful people in Hollywood.” (“George Lucas.” St. James Encyclopedia Gale). George Lucas’ passion for making science fiction movies became a reality when he created the franchise known around the world, Star Wars. Star Wars has been the most successful science fiction franchises of all time. This whole franchise was made due to George Lucas’ passion for making movies and never giving up. George Lucas’ passion through the entire time of making Star Wars, gave him many great ideas on science fiction stories which led to him making one of the greatest movie series/franchises of all time. Star Wars was only possible because of George Lucas. George Lucas’ passion for making films made Star Wars and all of his other movies possible which made him one of the most known and famous movie producers of all time. George Lucas’ films were made with passion or otherwise dignity to make them perfect for the whole cinematic world to watch. George Lucas’ passion led to him becoming one of the most famous filmmakers of all time.

Through all of George Lucas’ movies, he used artistic vision and passion to create amazing movies which inspired millions of young movie audiences which made him a hero. George Lucas used passion and artistic vision to create all of his amazing movies which lead to his fame in the movie business/entertainment business. Every movie has been created with artistic vision and passion leading to his movies becoming great successes leading to his fame. Through all of George Lucas’ films, the one thing he has wanted to accomplish through each of his movies is inspiration to his audience and the world. George Lucas’ films have been a huge success.  He has managed to inspire young audience through his famous movie series so that they could share their wonderful ideas to the world too. George Lucas inspires me also by giving me ideas on great book ideas because I want to be a writer and George Lucas’ passion and artistic vision towards movies helped me. His ideas helped me make creative ideas for my books so I can succeed when I am older. George Lucas inspired many young movie audiences and myself by never giving up and creating amazing movies through artistic vision and passion. Every movie has been made with these two traits which led to George Lucas’ fame and successful career which made him one of the best science fiction movie makers of all time.


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