George Washington

by Adam from Montvale, New Jersey in United States

130194Picture of George WashingtonPublic DomainGeorge Washington

By Adam Lee

Picture this: you’re in this huge battlefield, musket bullets flying everywhere, and next to you is General George Washington ordering you to get reinforcements. Our first president, fighting for his life, saving people, and bringing freedom to our country. Washington accomplished many things in his life, and just think George was a young 11 year old boy when he first started and now he’s a hero to many people.

When George was a child he was like many other children, but he didn’t know before that there would be a lot more coming up in his life. George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 in Westmoreland County. Before George was a general, he was just a regular 11 year old boy with a job as a surveyor. When George became a general, he was a little older than 16. As a result George got married to Martha Dandridge Washington. After the marriage, George fought in the French and Indian War. When the French and Indian War ended George had to face the biggest battle of his life, the Revolutionary War. During the war, Washington and his men had to cross the Delaware to attack. When the war finally ended, Washington was a hero that day and still is today.

George Washington accomplished many great achievements during his lifetime as a President, and a general. As a general George was the one of the greatest, he fought with his army and won many wars. When George was the first president, he did many great things like, First, he established the tradition of the maximum of two terms for one president, which later became law. George also made the six member Supreme Court with one chief in 1789. In addition Washington created the Jay’s Treaty which was signed in 1794 between U.S and Great Britain. George was also the first president to get 100 percent of the electoral votes. George accomplished many things in his life and that will be written down in history.

In conclusion, George Washington achieved many things like being a general, being the first president, fighting wars, and bringing freedom to our country. Just imagine you're back to when George was just a regular boy but then he became a general, president, and most importantly a hero.

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