Essays on the Theme of Heroism

George Washington & H. Norman Schwarzkopf

by Aroon from Mill Valley

I think a hero is defined in many ways. Whomever you ask will have a different definition on what a hero can be. Here is what I think defines a hero.

A hero is a person that is kind and generous, a person that has good ideas or intentions, a person that has strong beliefs. A hero is a person whose thoughts live on after they die, a person who will fight for what they believe in, or perhaps a person who made a special discovery. Any one of these qualities can compose a hero. A hero does not have to be courageous or great to be a hero.

General George Washington is a hero to me because he fought for his country. He was courageous and an eminent general. Even when he couldn’t pay, or feed his troops they still stuck with him. This shows his troops’ loyalty to this righteous general. Also, if it weren’t for his actions, the USA would have lost the Revolutionary War and the United States would have been a part of England. They put a portrait of him on the most commonly used dollar bill to honor him. This is why he is a hero to me.

General H. Norman Schwartzkopf is a hero to me because he fought for American honor. He was a respected person and defended Saudi Arabia from Saddam Hussein’s imminent attacks. This proves that he was kind to people. He respected other people’s beliefs by not allowing his troops to bring alcohol to Arabia. He was generous when he gave out food to the people who could not afford it when the prices went up. He also formed a great plan to defeat Saddam Hussein’s elite army which had invaded Kuwait. This is why he is a hero to me.

These two heroes are alike in many ways. They were both eminent military leaders. They both had allies (French & NATO). They were both respected in the USA. They didn’t fight for money, they fought for American Honor. This is why I chose George Washington and H. Norman Schwartzkopf.

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