Global Educator Award Winners

Honoring leaders in Global Education

2023 Global Educator - Martin Smatana - for A Year of Good News
Credit: myhero
IFF 2022 Global Educator Award
Credit: MY HERO
2021 Global Educator Frances Moore Lappé & Anna Blythe Lappé
Credit: myhero
2020 Global Educator Yasmine Sherif
Credit: Myhero
2019 Global Educator Award - Melinda Gates
Credit: myhero
2018 Global Educator Award - Dr. James Doty
Credit: Stanford University
Credit: Edutopia

Global Educator Award 2016 - Esther Wojcicki - WOJ!

Produced by:by Jeanne Meyers & Wendy Milette
Esther Wojcicki shares her vision for a Moonshot Movement in Education.

Global Educator Award 2015 - Erin Gruwell - Featured in Freedom Writers (trailer)

Produced by:Freedom Writers Foundation
Inspired by their teacher, Erin Gruwell, and the writings of Anne Frank, the students discover a new way to express themselves.

MY HERO Global Educator Award: Paul Cummins

Producer: The MY HERO Project

MY HERO honors Paul Cummins at the 2014 MY HERO International Film Festival

Global Educator Award - Peter Copen - iEARN 25

Producer: The MY HERO Project

Peter Copen, Founder of iEARN receives the Global Educator Award at the 2013 MY HERO International Film Festival

A Tribute to Sylvia Earle

Produced by:One World One Ocean
A tribute to oceanographer Sylvia Earle from One World One Ocean.

Global Educator Award - Elizabeth Daley

Producer: Cassandra Brooksbank

Dean Elizabeth Daley is presented with the 2011 Global Educator Award at USC.

Global Educator AwardGeorge Lucas

By: David Kelly
For the past 20 years, Mr. Lucas's Educational Foundation has sought out the best in educational innovations and put those tools in the hands of teachers around the world.

Rowena Gerber Global Educator Award 2010

Produced by:The MY HERO Project
Miami teacher Rowena Gerber inspires students to save our environment.

Cheikh Darou Seck - Global Educator

Produced by:MY HERO
Cheikh Darou Seck is the 2009 winner of the MY HERO Global Educator Award.

Mali Bickley and Jim Carlton

Produced by:MY HERO Project - 2010
Mali Bickley and Jim Carlton are amazing Global Educators who are having a large impact in the world.

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