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View these outstanding environmental films to learn about heroes who are fighting for the health of our planet.

2020 Winners in The MY HERO International Film Festival

No More Hunger, No More Waste

Angela Kim
Every year, the Second Harvest Food Bank in Orange County reduces millions of pounds of leftover food by providing it to food-insecure individuals.

Pasta La Vista, Plastic Waste!

Ben Caloza
Plastic pollution is a plague on our beautiful California beaches. How can we fight it?

Climate Heroes

Racing Extinction [Trailer]

Produced by:Dir. Louie Psihoyos
Whether infiltrating notorious black markets with guerilla-style tactics or exploring the scientific causes affecting changes to the environment, "Racing Extinction" will change the way we see the world and our role within it.

Protecting Blue Whales and Blue Skies

Michael Hanrahan
A collaboration of government agencies, non-profits, and private industry come together to solve the problem of commercial ships causing increased air pollution and whale strikes in the Santa Barbara Channel.

Gwala Rising in the Bwanabwana Islands

Produced by:Whitney Yadao-Evans, Niquole Esters, and Jennifer Shoemaker
Gwala Rising in the Bwanabwana Islands depicts the revitalization of traditional conservation practices in the islands of Papua New Guinea.

A Volatile Habitat

Produced by:Mill Valley Film Group
Putting his life on the line, Rodrique Katembo, a brave park ranger went undercover to document and release information about bribery and corruption in the quest to drill for oil in Virunga National Park (Democratic Republic of Congo), resulting in public outrage that forced the company to withdraw from the project.

No Justice, No Green 

Words Have Power

Produced by:Lynne Cherry
10-year-old Jaysa rallies the community with her speeches about how the power plant causes asthma and “so much suffering.” When they succeed in shutting down the plant, Jaysa concludes that “words have power.”

The Community They Fight For

Produced by:Mill Valley Film Group
Latino community activist Mark Lopez pushed government officials to provide comprehensive lead testing and cleanup of East Los Angeles homes contaminated by a battery smelter that had been operating for over three decades.

Protecting the Amazon by Advancing Indigenous Rights

Since 1996, Amazon Watch has protected the rainforest and advanced the rights of indigenous peoples in the Amazon Basin. We partner with indigenous and environmental organizations in campaigns for human rights, corporate accountability, and the preservation of the Amazon's ecological systems.

Mother of All Rivers

Produced by:Will Parrinello
Berta Cáceres rallied her indigenous Lenca people to wage a grassroots protest that successfully pressured the government of Honduras and the world's largest dam builder to withdraw from building the Agua Zarca Dam.



Produced by:Paul Lazarus
Best known for his Segway Personal Transporter, inventor Dean Kamen is taking on great challenges one invention at a time. SlingShot is the story of Kamen, his water purification technology, and his innovative approach to the safe water crisis.

Jon Rose: Waves for Water

Produced by:Aaron Flynn & HURLEY
Waves for Water's mission is to get access to clean water to those in need around the world, in areas such as Puerto Rico, Haiti, Sierra Leone, Nepal and more.

Every Drop Counts

Produced by:Actuality Media
Cada Gota Cuenta gives a dynamic insight to just how detrimental the contaminated water in Guatemala can be on its population and especially the health and wellbeing of its aspiring students.


Produced by:Evan Marks
Surfers, Rob Machado and Evan Marks, install a rain tank and show how easy it is conserve our depleting water supply by watering your yard with rainwater.

Wild California

Slater Meets her Hero: Jean-Michel Cousteau

Produced by:Wendy Milette & Jeanne Meyers
Slater visits Catalina Island to learn from her environmental hero Jean-Michel Cousteau.

Laguna Beach ECO Heroes Documentary

Produced by:Wendy Milette
Highlighting the good work of local environmental heroes who are keeping Laguna Beach Green and Blue!

Ditty for Dilley Music Video

Produced by:Doug Miller/Sasha Evans/MY HERO
A music video about James Dilley, founder of the Laguna Greenbelt.

Laguna Beach Eco Heroes: Mary Fegraus

Produced by:The MY HERO Project
Mary Fegraus has lead the campaign to create a wilderness park in the greenbelt surrounding Laguna Beach. Thank You Mary Fegraus.

You Are What You Eat

Feed the Future

Natalie Wylie

This film illustrates the environmental effects of meat consumption. 

Edible City - Joy Moore

Produced by:Andrew Hasse
Joy Moore, longtime food activist, teaches gardening and nutrition to high schoolers at Berkeley Technology Academy, makes them smoothies, and discusses her views on social justice, food, and education.

Growing a Healthy Community

Produced by:Light House Studio
A documentary about Growing for CHANGE made by students in the Westhaven Community.

Longing for a Local Lunch

Produced by:Dir. Lynne Cherry
Despite numerous obstacles, four Massachusetts high school students change their cafeteria fare from processed food to local meat and local fresh vegetables. As part of their project, they calculate the difference in CO2 emissions between locally grown food and food coming from a distance.

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