Guardians of the Galaxy - Frontline Workers

by Madhulika Manoharan - Grade 5 - from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

140384This poem is dedicated to doctorsNoneEvil Corona chomps its way down,

Turning everything black and brown.

A glimmer of hope swirled the sky,

As our Super Heroes start to fly high.

Their irresistible powers circled as the storm passes by,

And a glittering hope glows among each gazing eye.

Oh, the sacrifices behind their hot and heavy gown,

Their sweat and blood will make killer Corona drown.

Cunning Corona will have to admit its sin,

It will be sure that we will win.

Nothing to fear with our Super Heroes by our side,

Honor these angels with selfless pride.

Soon our world will heal from its injury,

Never forget the Guardians of our Galaxy who resolved the mystery of history.

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Author Info

Madhulika Manoharan is a student of Grade 5 T in Gems Our Own English High School, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She is interested in poetry, story writing and art. This poem is a dedication to doctors who have sacrificed their lives for the community at large and have been in the forefront of the fight against Covid - 19 with minimal consideration to their own safety.