Harry Potter

by Ronnie from Center Valley

As Harry grabbed for the golden snitch, he felt the patting on his back as his team had just won the game. This game, Quidditch, is just one of the many games the famous Harry Potter plays. Quidditch is a game where you ride your broomstick and try to find the golden snitch (a small flying golden ball). The first team to find the golden snitch wins. As many of you know, Harry Potter is a wizard, well-known because of his great survival. He was the only wizard or witch to survive the greatest dark wizard spell of them all, and the cool thing about it was that he reversed the spell and made the evil wizard, Lord Voldemort, lose most of his powers.

Harry has brought me closer to the magical world of witches and wizards. He has also taught me to deal with nuisances like my brother. In Harry's case, he had to deal with Collin Creevy. I have always dreamed of being able to fly on a broom like Harry one day. Maybe one day my dream will come true.

Harry is almost like any other hero. He has a weapon, his wand, with which he can cast spells on the evil wizards. Harry's wand has come in useful many times. For instance, he needed a light in the Forbidden Forest once. All he had to do was say the spell for a light to appear, and poof! there it was, the little light he needed.

Harry can fly just like Superman or Batman except he uses a broomstick. (Hey look, he's not all equipped with superpowers.) Some super heroes have healing powers. Same with Harry Potter. Again, his wand comes in handy, and with saying the spell name, poof! There go all the broken arms and cuts.

Harry is a true hero for me. He has many special traits and a great heroic past. Both of Harry's parents, Lily and James Potter, were wizards like Harry. Harry survived the darkest spell of them all from Lord Voldemort, but his parents died. Harry's mom died trying to save him. What BRAVE parents Harry had.

Harry doesn't just have a great past, but also a great present. He had just stopped Lord Voldemort from killing Ginny Weasley and taking the Sorcerer's Stone and using it on himself. (The Sorcerer's Stone can make anyone live forever.) Harry is a very strong boy. He has fought a giant basilisk (a large snake, which is pictured above). Harry has met face-to-face with Voldemort many times and has survived each time.

Harry is one of the most well-known wizards at Hogwart's School of Witchery and Wizardry. Mostly known for his "lightning-shaped scar" on his forehead, which he got from the attack of Lord Voldemort. Harry is a great hero for all different people besides me. To me, he is a hero because he has taught me how to do a lot of different things except you have to be in the world of witches and wizards to do them. For me, Harry Potter is the number one hero of all time!!!

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