It is Teacher Appreciation Week and I want to pay tribute to all the kind teachers throughout this school year. Every day you can turn on the television and see famous people like Tom Holland, or new movies. But do you ever see your teacher on television?

Ms. Hadley, the insistent principal is a superhero to me. Today I got to interview a hero and see if she would like to share facts about her life in, and out of school. One of Ms. Hadleys hidden talents is singing. Did you know that Ms. Hadley sings her favorite songs on the way to school? Another question I asked about Ms. Hadley is what pets you would like to own. She does not like pets at all. She is not a pet person at all. Even the other people in the office say she's not a pet person. I picked Ms. Hadley because she’s nice and helps the school a lot. One time Ms. Hadley helped me with my math homework on a Zoom call and I learned a lot with Ms. Hadley.

I asked Ms Hadley a lot of questions. One question I asked Ms. Hadley was “ What is a party that you would like to go to?” Mr. Corbett came out of nowhere and said “ One Mr. Corbett is at!”. Ms. Hadley also likes to sing a lot. I asked What's a song that you know all the lyrics to?  All her coworkers screamed “ We are the world!” I also asked her what is the most embarrassing moment you would like to share? Ms. Hadley does not do a lot of things in her morning routine. All she does is get in the shower, then gets dressed, And on the way to school she listens to music.

Teachers are super important. They’re important because without them we would not learn as much and without teachers we would not be able to get jobs because you need a degree for some jobs. So without teachers, we would not be able to do a lot of things in life so be grateful for what you have and try your best.

By: Micah Hall


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