Harry Potter

by Prashin Jogani from Rajkot in India

Who Is The Hero ???

  • Harry Potter is a fictional character that had appeared in the renowned book series-Harry Potter by J.K Rowling
  • He is the Protagonist of the story.
  • He is also the greatest wizard of all time
  • I have chosen this character because I can relate to him in many ways and he also inspires me.

What has he done ???

  • Harry Potter has defeated the antagonist of the story-Lord Voldemort
  • Harry Potter has helped many people accomplish their goal or also saved their lives
  • He has also been a very good friend as he helped his friends and motivated them to do good deeds.

Where did he live ??

  • Harry Potter At the start of the novel used to live in his aunt's house (Privet Drive) because he had lost his parents 
  • As the story continued, He was selected to become a wizard and then went to Hogwarts School where he lived after...

Why is he important to me ??

  • He was important to me because he inspires in many different ways.
    • Firstly he teaches me that good friendships can help overcome all hardships.
    • Secondly, he also taught me that if you have willpower do something then you can achieve it.
    • He also taught me that there won't be someone to help you always and there would be some fights in your life which you have to fight yourself.

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