Aaliyah Dana Haughton

by Katelyn from New York

Aaliyah's fans would say Aaliyah is a hero because she always found good in everybody. Aaliyah’s life was cut short at the age of twenty-two due to a plane crash. More than five thousand people came to Aaliyah’s funeral! One person who came to Aaliyah’s funeral was Missy Elliot. After the funeral, Missy Elliot said, “I think we’ve got to learn from this to appreciate each other while we are still on this earth. I love you Aaliyah and you are forever missed!”

Aaliyah Dana Haughton was born January 16, 1979 in Brooklyn. Her house was always full of music. Her family was loving, but a little off beat! Through all of the years while Aaliyah was growing up, she had every pet imaginable! Aaliyah’s cousin even had a baby alligator! In 1985 Aaliyah was in first grade. She won a part in Annie and knew she wanted to be in show business from that point on. Aaliyah’s mother, Diane, was proud and her brother, Rashad, was very encouraging. In 2001 Aaliyah and her family moved to Detroit. Aaliyah went to an elementary school called G.E.S.U. Elementary of Detroit. When Aaliyah was eight years old, she started performing in school functions at talent shows all around Detroit. At age eight, Aaliyah started working with a vocal coach. At the age of ten, Aaliyah was on Star Search, but unfortunately lost. When Aaliyah was thirteen, she performed with Gladys Knight in Las Vegas. Gladys Knight is Aaliyah’s aunt!

Aaliyah Dana Haughton made many contributions to the world. One contribution Aaliyah made to the world was music. She spent most of her life singing and speaking throughout the world. I feel bad that Aaliyah died so young, and I am sure a lot of people miss her, but as Aaliyah would say, “Keep your chin up and never stop trying!”

Aaliyah had a lot of friends, but one of her best friends was Janet Jackson. Janet Jackson misses Aaliyah and at the funeral said, “One day we will be together again…we will always love you!” One person who deserves to speak today is Aaliyah! In Aaliyah's last interview before her unfortunate death, she said, "I am still young and have no regrets!"

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