Aaron Hawkins

by Deyonte from Columbia

Have you ever had something that you wanted to be when you grow up? Well, what I want to be is an FBI agent. Oh yeah, I guess that someone is you. I've always wanted to be an FBI agent. I think you're a hero because you help other people who are in need of help.

Really, you're what everybody wants to be. You have good qualities and you have a good attitude. When someone needs help, you're always on the job. You have the abilities to help others in any way you can.

The FBI is of value to me because it helps people if something bad has happened to someone's family. So, if my family went missing, you could always help us. That's why the FBI is good, because it can investigate problems.

Now I have tried everything, but I am going to start off by saying you have helped a lot of people. That's why y'all are the best investigators in the world.

Now you see why the FBI is important to me. It helps people and does the right thing, which is what everybody should do.

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