Heesoo Kreps

by Aiden Burgher from Pullman, WA

Heesoo is my aunt. She is also a Registered Nurse in Ventura, California. She works in an emergency room at Community Memorial Hospital. She is my hero because she is on the frontline to help people with Covid-19. She has a young son and husband to take care of too. I love Heesoo because she has always played with me. She makes every day I ever spend with her fun. She makes the most amazing food, and I always enjoy eating it all. She always has a lot of cool stories to tell and is always so welcoming. I think she is probably the best nurse because she is really nice. I bet it is really hard for the patients to be away from their families, but I know that my aunt Heesoo is there to comfort them. But I also think it is probably really hard on my aunt to have to be strong for these patients. For all these reasons she is my hero. 

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