Helen Keller

by Riley Miller from Helen Keller

  “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.”

 I picked Helen Keller because she shares my last name, which was interesting. The book I read was the autobiography of Helen Keller. There are 174 pages in the book "The Story of my life". This book is Helen Keller's Existence From birth to death which is 1880-1968, written in 1902. An interesting fact about Helen is that she lost sight and hearing very young due to an illness that occurred at 19 months.

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Helen Adams Keller was born June 27, 1880, and raised in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Her siblings are Mildred and James Keller, and her parents are Arthur H Keller and Kate Adams Keller. Helen went to Perkins institution for the blind, where she learned to read and write using braille and communicate through touch. Helen then went to Radcliffe College in Cambridge, Massachusetts, when Helen was 17, where she attended her studies taking French, German, history, English composition, and English literature. When Helen is not in school, she is interested in plants, trees, Katydids, and the garden at their house. An interesting story is when Helen wrote "The Frost King", but she did not know she was plagiarizing an original story", The Frost Fairies". Anne Sullivan, her" Aid", influenced Helen because she helped her learn words for physical objects and helped from day-to-day life. A couple of years later, Helen could speak in complete sentences. Helen Keller's dream was to be either an author or a teacher. Her father was the local newspaper's " Alabamian " editor, so he influenced her love for writing.                                                                                                                                                                 

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Because of the different braille forms, geometry and algebra were one of Helen's challenges. She overcame this challenge with help and understanding from Miss Sullivan Helen struggled with anger issues because she couldn't express her feelings, wants and needs. She was able to find other ways to communicate to overcome her anger challenges. Miss Sullivan is the person who most contributed to her success. Anne helped Helen by showing Helen how to read and write and linking physical objects to words, and she also helped with speech. One quality is determination. By struggling in geometry and algebra but keeps progressing, making books for kids like" the story of my life". Another quality is that she is kind to people. Helen Keller's weakness is that she is blind and deaf. It was a weakness because she couldn't communicate with others easily. One funny thing is she locked Miss Sullivan in her room and hid the key in the wardrobe. Helen's dad had to use a ladder to get her out through the window in her room. One accomplishment is working for the AFB for over forty years. Due to her global platform, centres were built for rehabilitation and education for those with blindness. Helen received many awards, including an honorary academy award in 1955.        

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What has pleased me is she uses touch and smell to find her way, and what disappoints me is she had anger issues as a child and kicks and screams. Three questions I would ask are; what is it like not hearing or seeing? If you could go back, would you wish things were different? What was your favourite experience in traveling? I want to be Helen's kid because she likes to push through her challenges. I like the b k because it's very detailed and tells the story of her life from her point of view. I learned that there is another way of communicating other than through voice and that there is an association for the blind. One lesson I could apply to my life is when I'm struggling to keep pushing forward. Another lesson is it's ok to stand out and be different from other people. People may like to read this book because they want to know about the life of Helen Keller and how she influenced the deaf and blind community. I'm happy I chose this person to write about because she is lovely, caring, gentle, and kind. I want her to be a role model because she is an author, and I want to be an author just like her.


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