Helen Keller - The Hero of Humanity

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Helen Keller - The Hero of Humanity

My favorite hero Helen Keller. When she was born, she was a normal child. She can hear and see and even say words like wa wa (Which meant water). She loved to play with her dog, seeing the beautiful flowers and she also liked copying everyone. But, when she was 19 months old, her world turned upside down. Suddenly, she became sick. The doctor said that she wouldn’t be able to hear and see.

From that day onwards, she was very irritated and scared. People did not know how to deal with her. Slowly, at the age of five, she started to communicate with her actions. Still, she was in a dark and silent world. But her parents never gave up. They gifted her a new hope at the age of 6. She got her very own teacher, Miss Anne Sullivan! She was a selfless and kind teacher who taught Helen to touch and feel things around her.

She even felt what love is and how it made her feel connected to the people around her.

Slowly she started to read with the help of books in Braille. Braille was a language where you read by touching bumpy dots on paper. When she was 9 years old, Helen wanted to learn to speak. Anne Sullivan was worried Helen would get frustrated, but nothing would stop her now. Her teacher took Keller to Miss Sarah Fuller. Miss Fuller taught her by letting Helen feel the movement of her lips. Keller learnt the alphabets A, I, M, P, S, and T in an hour. Now Helen isn’t dumb anymore. After English, she even learnt French and German. She was the first blind and deaf person to complete her degree. She wrote fourteen books and visited 39 countries from all over the world in her life. After all this, she even worked for social change like helping the poor and needy and educate people with disabilities. She also helped women vote. When people asked her how she did it, Helen replied, “I didn’t let my disabilities stop me. I may not have eyes, but I do have a vision. I may be deaf, but I have a voice. Never let any obstacle hold you back because there are many ways around these problems. Life is a sea, and we all reach the shore in our own way. I am Helen Keller, and I won’t let any obstacle stop me. On June 1, 1968, Helen Keller passed away. However, she still lives in our hearts. Hats off to Helen Keller, Miss Sullivan, and Sarah Fuller.


Inspired by: I am Helen Keller – By Brad Meltzer and Christopher Eliopoulos






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