Helping Others During the Coronavirus

by Amirhossein Saedibehrouz - High School - from Tehran in Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Being generous requires a big heart rather than having financial ability, so helping others doesn't always require money. We can help others in thousands of ways and make them happy. This help is needed more than ever in times of crisis. The coronavirus is one of the most serious crises in the world and has caused serious damage to millions of people. In addition to people with covid-19, the lives of millions of people are at risk for other problems with the coronavirus. Do you know who these are and why they have been harmed? When governments began imposing restrictions on controlling the spread of the dangerous virus, many were forced to close their jobs for several months. Although some governments have provided financial assistance to the people, the closure of businesses has caused millions of people dangerous economic damage and sometimes irreparable damage. This means that a group of injured people have jobs and thus earn money for themselves and their families. In addition to people who have lost their jobs, other groups of people, such as the elderly, students, children, the poor, athletes, etc., have also been affected by the coronavirus. According to research, children may have a lot of stress and suffer from a variety of neurological diseases. Students and their parents are also concerned about the educational situation and the future, and it can be said that all people suffer from mental and physical injuries. So in this situation where all the people of the world are involved in a common and dangerous problem, only the unity and solidarity of the people can defeat this virus. In this situation, people must love each other without prejudice to color, race, religion, language, or nationality. They must show love for children and the elderly and all those who have been harmed. People must come to the great truth that only peace, kindness, love and humanity can save them and give them a beautiful world. Coronavirus may want to show the government and the people that the world can no longer be a good place to live without peace and friendship. The coronavirus teaches us that governments need to change their perspectives on each other. Instead of spending billions of dollars on weapons and hostility, they should spend their money to make peace in the world and think about producing and promoting science and health and eradicating poverty. Perhaps this beautiful poem by Saadi, an Iranian poet, is very appropriate for these days. He said:

Human beings are members of a whole

In creation of one essence and soul

If one member is afflicted with pain

Other members uneasy will remain

If you have no sympathy for human pain

The name of human you cannot retain

Yes, these days artists by showing off their art and making children and people happy, rich people by their help to the poor, teachers by kindness to students, doctors by patience and efforts to treat patients, scientists by trying to solve human problems, and the governments by eradicating poverty and creating peace and security can overcome all problems by unity, peace and kindness, and make the world full of lies, war, crying and darkness into a world full of honesty, peace. Hopefully, one day there will be nothing in the world but justice, peace, kindness and health.


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