Henry Johnson

by Kelsey Rolling from United States

118799Henry Johnson if I told you that in the middle of the night you got attacked and had to fight them off single handedly, well Henry Johnson did just that. Henry Johnson was a brave solider and a kind man whose decisions impacted the world in a very important way. What Henry did as a teenager helped him become a hero, such as all of his struggles. His accomplishments as a solider was well known about, or how he carried himself as a person or his kindness or courage. 

        Throughout his life Henry didn’t always have his family to help him make important decisions. One his most important decisions he has ever done alone, without his family there to help him, was joining the army. Henry Johnson was born on July 5th 1892 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He moved to New York to get a better life and had in mind that he wanted to join the army. When he joined the army in June 5th 1917 he became the sergeant of an “all black group” which was then turned into a very successful group in WW1. He then died on July 15th 1929 at age 37, in Washington D.C from myocarditis

            Henry had many struggles that he had to deal with through his life. When he was teen he moved to Albany, New York all alone to get a better life away from his family, who lived in poverty, and he had to work many jobs to stay alive. Segregation was very severe when Henry was alive whether he was in the army or not. In the army he didn’t get the best respect from other soldiers, some even refused to fight with him. Later in his life he had a disease called myocarditis which ended up killing him after a long fight.        

            Henry was known for all of his accomplishments, usually the ones that had made him the hero he is still known for today. In the army he was in one of the most successful troops and then he had stood out from the rest of the soldiers. This troop was even one of the first “all black” groups in WW1. On the night of May 14th 1918 in the Argonne forest Henry and his troop got attacked by the Germans and he fought them off without any weapons and saved many of his soldiers and ended up with 21 wounds. He has gotten many awards from his heroics in the army, some of his awards are the Medal of Honor which he got in 2015, then in 1996 he got the Purple Heart award.  

             There are a lot of heroic virtues that you could use to describe Henry Johnson but here are just a few of them. He was very brave and had a lot of courage to go into the army to fight for people he didn’t even know and was willing to die for them so they could have their freedom. He had commitment and compassion about the army because he wasn’t forced to join. He wanted to and put his best effort into it. Lastly of all he was kind and caring because he cared about people and so that’s one reason why he joined. 

118818Henry Johnson              In conclusion, Henry Johnson is a very heroic person and was very brave. He chose to save so many lives which led him to become a such a great hero. Henry inspires me to be kind every day and to go out of my way to make someone’s day, even if no one ask me to, just like what he did with joining the army and becoming a hero. He is well known for saving so many lives and made a big in pact on our society. One of his famous quotes was "Don’t let pride get to your head, always stay humble” which is what he set an example of every day of his life.  

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