Hero Portraits that honor family members from the Gallery

Students of all ages and professional artists illustrate mothers, fathers, grandparents, and siblings in loving portraits

Use these images for Elementary School students to understand how to illustrate their family heroes

Mothers and Fathers


By: Tyra

Mom by Isabel Martinez from Burley, Idaho

By: Isabel Martinez
My mom is my hero for several reasons. Three of the top reasons are because she understands me, she's fun, and she is my best friend.

My HERO, my mom, Ala Lungu by Nicoleta from Moldova

By: Nicoleta Lungu
A Beautiful tribute to Ala Lungu by her daughter Nicoleta

Mother and Child by Ben Milch

By: Ben Milch
A loving portrait of a family unit

My Mom by Fatimatah Bindi Diallo from Senegal

By: Fatimatah Bindi Diallo
Senegal artist Fatimatah Bindi Diallo portrays her hero, her mother in traditional dress and with loving compassion

My Dad

By: Jonathan Chavez of Taft High School

Motherhood in Uncertainty

By: Rowan E Blankemeyer
Honoring all mothers and motherhood.

My Mom by Tammy Zack

By: Tammy Zack of Taft High School
My mom is my heroine because she tries to balance her home and work life. My mom was able to overcome her disability

MOM AND DAD by Jennifer Lopez

They are my heroes because they take care of me and help me too.

My Dad-My heavenly hero

By: Talai Vlada

Beautiful Beacon

By: Erika Nelson
My Hero, My Mom

The Good Mother by David Basasira

By: David Basasira
Basasira has created a mosaic that compassionately portrays a Ugandan mother at her family tasks from dried banana leaves

My Dad believed

By: Laeney Armstrong

Native Mom and Baby by Ben Milch

Ben Milch artwork about a mother and her baby


Run for Life

By: Ali of Laguna Beach High School
My Great Grandmother Louise Bock Haight came to Ellis Island from Germany in 1903. She came without parents and it took extreme bravery to start a new life.

My Hero is my Great Great Grandfather

By: Yana from Moscow

On Prom Night I Danced With My Grandmother

By: Theresa Rosado
"Most images I create are rendered from memory of people I know around me. To me memory is one of the most crucial creative elements an artist can utilize."

The Road Was Paved By Us

By: Michael Mahue Moore
In honor of my grand mom and grand daddy These folks are the reason that I exist. I wanted to capture that warmth and the serenity that reminded me of my childhood..

My Hero Abba, My Grandfather by Ebrahim Ahmed

By: Ebrahim Ahmed Ansari - Grade 3C
To others my grandfather is just any other person in the world but to me he is my star, my hero. I love my Abba. One day I WILL grow up to be a HERO like him

My Grandpa, Theodore Roosevelt Dexter

By: Lisa's brother, Mark Eagan

Sisters and Brothers

My Hero - Hermana, My Sister

By: Victoria Ceja

My Hero Is My Sister

By: Anastasiya Meleshkevich

Family Hero : Joneice by Doug Miller

By: Doug Miller
In this illustration by Doug Miller for the story Joneice by Kia, a sister writes of the care and lifesaving kindness that her sister lovingly provided

Through So Much HeartAche You Hold On...

By: Pamela Santos
Achieved with CAC/NEA Grant for My Hero and Taft High School

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