Hero the Dog

by Shahrizoda Alisheriy - Middle School - from Eden Prairie

Hero is a fun, caring and highly intelligent dog. And a great assistant.

Read this story to learn about the fun, tough and surprising times Hero and his owner went through. Hero’s owner has had all four limbs effected by paralysis, for five years now. His life was full of struggles, and in those years his family would always testify! Hero chose him to be his partner in training school, and he would always proudly sit by him during breaks. Hero’s owner ended up being fast-tracked into the next recipient training course. Luckily, he made the grade and passed. Since then Hero has always been like his shadow! They regularly go out on walks and Hero loves it. Unfortunately, one day it didn’t go as they planned. As they were walking down their usual trail, Hero’s owner noticed one of the gates was open. He thought it would be nice to try something different for a change, so they went in. They had lots of fun, but just as they were about to leave, his wheelchair got stuck in the soft ground. They were in a pretty isolated place and it was about to rain, so there would probably be no other people around to save them. When he realized he had left his phone at home, he started to worry. He looked at Hero and was pleased by the fact the he was carrying a ball on a rope. Just then he thought of an idea... He tied one end of the rope to his wheelchair and gave the ball to Hero, then he told Hero to pull. At first he pulled gently as he always did due to his owner's disability, but then he realized what was wrong and he started pulling harder until they were out. They got out and made it home!

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