Essays on the Theme of Heroism

Hero: Who are you?

by Nadia Mahyaei from Tehran in Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Saying opinions is always essential for humans and the society--being free and having the opportunity to share their notions and ideas. For decades it has been simple to find out those who have the dream to show their concept and make a move to have a revolution. Their names are different in different minds; some of them are called corrupt and some of them are heroes.

Hero(n): a person, especially a man, who is admired by many people for doing something brave or good. If I show the meaning of hero based on the definition of the Oxford dictionary, I am not following the ‘being free in opinions’ rule, which I was trying to introduce in the first paragraph. Anyway, I mentioned the definition but it does not mean I want to believe it.

Many years ago, captains, commanders and main roles of stories are the people’s hero. They change with time, they may forgotten, they may have made by an injustice which is easily findable in people's twitters: #BlackLivesMatter; or may have made by sacrifice: doctors and nurses #Covid19, but what makes someone a hero specifically for us, besides all the famous heroes which can be found in social networking or with a simple search in google, it has no reason to share and no name to say, a hero can be always anonymous.

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