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Herstory: Women Who Changed the World

By Ruth Ashby (Editor), Deborah Gore Ohrn (Editor), Gloria Steinem (Introduction)

Publisher: Penguin USA, July 1995
ISBN: 0670854344
MY HERO recommends this book to young adult readers.
Philosopher, mathematician, teacher, and scholar, Hypatia was one of the leading minds of the fourth century. At the height of her career, she was assassinated, her works pulled from the great libraries and burned. Only a few of her students' letters survive to testify to her incisive mind and to hint at the wealth of knowledge and potential for discovery that were lost with her death. For thousands of years the achievements of women, if not actively erased from human history, have been largely ignored. History was written almost exclusively by men about men - men's wars, men's accomplishments, and men's discoveries. But today, as women around the world are forging ahead in industry, politics, and the arts and sciences, it is more important than ever to look back at those who laid the groundwork for our current achievements. The 120 biographical sketches in Herstory shed new light on women both familiar and little known, while exploring the complex forces that shaped their lives. These women represent the full range of female experience, from those who revolutionized traditional "women's work," such as Fannie Farmer, to remarkable women warriors, from the legendary Trung sisters of first-century Vietnam to Guatemala's Rigoberta Menchu, currently battling for native rights. Historical essays place these women in the context of their times, while sidebars highlight women's wit, wisdom, and work around the globe. For young women searching for where we have been and what we can become, or for anyone interested in the undiscovered wonders of world history, Herstory is an illuminating journey.
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