Hiroshi Yamauchi

by Levi from Commerce City

A hero to me is somebody who has done something productive in society. A hero is somebody I admire. My hero is Hiroshi Yamauchi.

Hiroshi was the president of Nintendo. He was a great artist and he also had a good sense of humor. Hiroshi was also a talented inventor. He loved to play games as a kid. Hiroshi invented the Nintendo 64. He also tried to stop the Etherphoria. The reason why my hero is Hiroshi is that he made the present day more fun.

The Nintendo was a modern game system. It had old school games like "Zelda." Hiroshi invented the Nintendo 64 system, which was so ahead of its time, and that is mainly the reason why I think Hiroshi was an amazing inventor. The Intellivision is also a reason I like Hiroshi.

Young Hiroshi
Young Hiroshi

The Etherphoria was the death of the Nintendo 64. The Nintendo 64 was the tender age of 9 years old, and Hiroshi and his friend, Miyimoto, were its parents. The Nintendo 64 Aka Project Reality was drying up. People quit buying them and Nintendo stock went down in value. So, they thought of making a new system: Gamecube. The Gamecube was a good system for Nintendo. Nintendo 64's death was sealed.

The "Legend of Zelda" was a great game to any gamer. Everybody loved Zelda and it was a major game for the NES, the original Nintendo. You are a little elf and your name is Link. You go through certain castles and you save sages. The game was also produced by Hiroshi. He made other games, also, like the modern game called Pokemon. Those are some games by Hiroshi.

To sum it up, Hiroshi retired this year. He was getting older and he thought it was time to retire. He is a hero to me because I am a really big gamer so I thought of what I would do if Nintendo was not around. In fact, I would not know about it, but it has made life really fun. Though all my friends are gamers, they don't know about Hiroshi and what he has done for me. I recognize Hiroshi because without him, I would not have Nintendo.

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