I Love You In The Morning

Picture of I Love You In The Morning Paul McClure /Song Writer



Written for his wife Amy and his 2 daughters Lola Rose and Flossie,  'I Love You in the Morning' was filmed entirely by Paul on his iPhone during lockdown. They’d just lifted the restriction so people were able to move about more freely. He clamped his phone to a microphone stand and recorded on timelapse for sometimes 20 minutes at a time keeping very still indeed, then moving super slowly to replicate natural movement against a background of life running at high speed. “Sometimes it feels like the world is getting away from you, everything is moving too fast, especially at a time like this for those like me living with anxiety and depression who can feel detached from the rest of the world.” After spending months in the house home schooling his two children for Paul, lockdown helped to bring some perspective back into his life, to slow down a little and take stock on what’s most important – family.

Paul would like to thank Martyn Chalk for editing the piece, daughters Lola-Rose McClure for assisting with camera operation and Flossie McClure for making sure no one tripped over the camera.

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