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The MY HERO Global Learning Circles is a partnership with iEARN (International Education and Resource Network)

MY HERO Learning CIrcles
Credit: MY HERO

Welcome Spring 2019 Learning Circle Participants:

Madeline Gillum: Sultana Sports and Science Academy - Ontario, California United States

Mendy Kanu: Children's Foundation of Technology  - Freetown, Sierra Leone

Solmaz Suleymanova: School 238 - Baku, Azerbaijan

Katherine Korte: Pattonville High School - Maryland Heights, Missouri     United States

Zvonka Dalic: Gimnazija Tolmin - Tolmin, Slovenia

Ala Babcinetchi: Theoretical Lyceum " Ion Creangă" - Florești - Florești, Moldova

Ala Lungu: Theoretical Liceum "Ion Creanga" - Floresti, Moldova

Glennys Jurome: Anne McClymont Elementary - British Columbia, Canada

Nfamara Barrow: Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education - Gambia

Esther Chang: Longhua Primary School - Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Lilia Zellagui: Ibn Teymia High School - Algeria

Highlights of Learning Circle Participants

Students in Sierra Leone learning about the MY HERO Project.

Children's Foundation of Technology - Sierra Leone
Credit: Mendy Kanu

Moldova students learning about the MY HERO

Learning Circle participants in Sierra Leone. 

Moldova Students Engaged with MY HERO
Credit: Ala Babcinechi

Chakhchouka, a traditional Algerian food

Food from Algeria
Credit: Lilia Zellagui
Moldova Students Working on Final Projects
Credit: Ala Lungu
Anne McClymont School - Canada
Credit: G> Jurone

Weekly Updates

Thank you all for participating in our latest session of the MY HERO Learning Circle. It was great working with you and your students. We hope that you can join us for future MY HERO Learning Circle, sessions begin in September and January. 


Opportunity to not only publish your work on the MY HERO website, but you can also participate in the iEARN Virtual Project Exhibition being held on May 22, 2019. You can join live with your class or create a presentation to be shared about your students' work in the MY HERO Learning Circle this year. Click below for more information.

iEARN Virtual Project Exhibition
Credit: iEARN

Next Steps as we Continue our Collaboration

Please put your school's location on the MY HERO Map. Here is the link:

It is wonderful to be part of such an active, diverse Learning Circle. As our students work on their projects, let's continue our discussions and collaboration on the forum. Towards this end, a new folder has been uploaded on the Teacher Forum: Update on Progress and Continued Discussion. Please use this folder to let us know what you are doing with your students. How is the project going? What kind of projects are your students considering?

Remember, your students final projects will be published using the MY HERO website so it is important to register your students on the MY HERO website if you have not yet done so. Login to your account on the MY HERO website, go to to your profile and you will see the link to create a class code. Here is a video tutorial to help you as you create your class code:

Student projects may be in the form of a story, poem, a piece of artwork, film or music. The MY HERO Project website has many resources for both you and your students to use as they complete their project and it is uploaded on the MY HERO website and shared with other members of our Learning Circle.


Please continue to communicate on the Teacher Forum with each other by sharing what type of heroes your students are choosing. And keep sharing your pictures and videos of your classes as they participate in our Learning Circle in the folders provided in our forum.

There are students beginning to communicate on the iEARN student forum and if possible, we would like to see more classes take advantage of this opportunity. Communicating directly with other students is a great way for them to learn with the world directly.

And as always, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact Laura or Madeline. We are here to help you.



A great way to share what our group is doing is through images. Creating a wall with a map, information about the countries in our Learning Circle and photos is a great way for our classes to learn about each other's cultures. The now is a folder for you to share your pictures with the rest of the group. Here is the link:

Another way to share information about our classes and culture with the rest of our learning circle is through videos . Here is the link: 

Essay to Share with Students about How to Choose a Hero

Link to an Essay to Share with Students before Choosing their Hero

How Should we Choose our Heroes Essay
Credit: MY HERO

For More Information about the MY HERO Learning Circles, click on the image below.

Slideshow with information about the MY HERO Learning Circles

MY HERO Learning Circles
Credit: MY HERO

Short Films that Introduce MY HERO 

Short Video about the MY HERO Project

The MY HERO Short Promo
Credit: The MY HERO Project

A short video overview of registering and starting a classroom project in the new MY HERO Teacher's Room.

Teachers Room
Credit: MY HERO

Tutorials on How to Create Story, Art, Film, and Audio Pages on            MY HERO

Video Tutorial on How to Create Film Page
How to Create an Art Gallery Page
How to Create a Story Page
Video Tutorial on How to Create Audio Page

Calendar and Monthly Lesson Plan Resource Links

Link to Curated Lesson Plan Resources to Use Throughout the School Year

Teachers Room Lesson Plan Organizer
Credit: MY HERO

Link to Curated Multimedia Calendar 

My Hero Calendar - 365 Days of Heroes revised
Credit: MY HERO

Additional Resource Links

ECA Virtual Exchange Toolkit
Credit: Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs

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