iEARN/MY HERO Learning Circle Participant Page

Participant Page

The MY HERO Global Learning Circles is a partnership with iEARN (International Education and Resource Network)

MY HERO Learning CIrcles
Credit: MY HERO

Highlights of Learning Circle Participants

Students in Sierra Leone learning about the MY HERO Project.

Children's Foundation of Technology - Sierra Leone
Credit: Mendy Kanu

Moldova students learning about the MY HERO

Learning Circle participants in Sierra Leone. 

Moldova Students Engaged with MY HERO
Credit: Ala Babcinechi

Chakhchouka, a traditional Algerian food

Food from Algeria
Credit: Lilia Zellagui
Moldova Students Working on Final Projects
Credit: Ala Lungu
Anne McClymont School - Canada
Credit: G> Jurone

Weekly Updates

Essay to Share with Students about How to Choose a Hero

Link to an Essay to Share with Students before Choosing their Hero

How Should we Choose our Heroes Essay
Credit: MY HERO

For More Information about the MY HERO Learning Circles, click on the image below.

Slideshow with information about the MY HERO Learning Circles

MY HERO Learning Circles
Credit: MY HERO

Short Films that Introduce MY HERO 

Short Video about the MY HERO Project

The MY HERO Short Promo
Credit: The MY HERO Project

A short video overview of registering and starting a classroom project in the new MY HERO Teacher's Room.

Teachers Room
Credit: MY HERO

Tutorials on How to Create Story, Art, Film, and Audio Pages on            MY HERO

Video Tutorial on How to Create Film Page
How to Create an Art Gallery Page
How to Create a Story Page
Video Tutorial on How to Create Audio Page

Calendar and Monthly Lesson Plan Resource Links

Link to Curated Lesson Plan Resources to Use Throughout the School Year

Teachers Room Lesson Plan Organizer
Credit: MY HERO

Link to Curated Multimedia Calendar 

My Hero Calendar - 365 Days of Heroes revised
Credit: MY HERO

Additional Resource Links

ECA Virtual Exchange Toolkit
Credit: Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs

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