Inez Milholland

by Allyson from United States

I am prepared to sacrifice every so called privilege to get a few rights


Inez Milholland 

By: Allyson 

              Imagine living in a time period where you were mistreated because you were a woman. Would you protest and risk being made fun of or having people yell and boo at you? Would you make a difference in the world? Inez Milholland did exactly this during her life. Inez inspired many to help with the fight of the rights all while people made fun of her for doing, Inez was a great part in the fight for rights she held many parades to help make a difference. 


              Inez Milholland's family was a big part during Inez's fight for rights. Inez was born into a wealthy family –Mom: Jean (she went as Torrey sometimes), Dad: John, Sister: Vinda, Brother: John (he went as Jack sometimes). Inez's father helped Inez learn about rights during Inez's childhood. Inez's sister also helped sometimes in the fight for rights by marching with her sister.   Inez was born on August 6, 1886 and died on November 25, 1916, she lived to be 30. Inez died of Pernicious Anemia, she collapsed on a stage and was rushed to a hospital for about a month, and died on November 25. Inez's last words where "Mr. President, how long must a woman wait for liberty?". 

120133Inez on a horse 

              Inez was a woman in a man's world during her lifetime. Inez was mistreated throughout her whole life. She was also underestimated by almost all men and even some women. Inez was also overlooked by men. The main reason the fight for rights happened were that men could vote and run for mayor or even president while women can't. Also, girls normally could not have gone to a school either, only boys. 


              Inez was a great part in the fight for rights. Inez in 1908 became known as "The girl who broke up the Taft Parade". Inez was the leader of one of the biggest parade's "1913 Suffrage Parade". Inez was also known as the "dramatic spokesperson " because Inez almost always public spoke at every Parade. Inez, she also went to random places and she spoke to people her "Wise Words"


Inez was apart in many many different parades. She marched for Britain's woman's social and political parades. Inez public spoke many times for many people for many rights. She was one of the greatest parade leaders ever. Inez also was a great role-model to young kids and to elders. 

120135Inez during a parade 

  "I am prepared to sacrifice every so-called Privilege I possess" said Inez "in order to have a few rights". This ended up making a lot more people help for women's rights, seeing as how much they cared about them. In the midst of battling for her and many others rights. Inez is a true hero to many, because of all the work she did women now have the same rights as men. Her leaderness and her passion helped her along the way. She inspired many to do the same as her. I am inspired to help make this world a fairer place and help others with struggles they may face during their life. 


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