International Day for the Abolition of Slavery | December 2

To remind us that modern slavery, such as forced labour, debt bondage, forced marriage, human trafficking and the forced recruitment of children for use in armed conflict, is against human rights.

Credit: UN Photo/Copyright PAG-ASA /Massimo Timosi

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The heroes in these stories work to end various forms of slavery around the world.

Dread Scott: A Revolutionary Artist Fighting For An Oppression-Free World

By: Natalia Osuna

Bryan Stevenson

By: Arthur (Trey) Carlisle
Bryan Stevenson has been recognized across the globe for the work that he has done to address poverty and racial inequality.

Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe

By: Jane Wallace

Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe works to end violence and sexual exploitaton in Uganda.

Nadia Murad

By: Shannon Luders-Manuel LinkTV
Nadia Murad is a Nobel Prize-winning activist and sex slave survivor from Kojo, Iraq.

Iqbal Masih

By: Arushi Dogra from San Diego

Iqbal Masih's parents sold him into slavery as a carpet weaver at age four.

Kailash Satyarthi

By: James H

Kailash Satyarthi was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for his work as a children's rights activist in India.

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Mohamed Sidibay

By: Annie Merkley

Mohamed Sidibay speaks out to give a name and a face behind the stories of forced child soldiers.

Kailash Satyarthi

By: Themis from Beirut, Lebanon

Kailash Satyarthi is determined to end child labor practices around the world.

Forced slavery and those who have spoken out to end it are illustrated in these artworks.

Doorway to Freedom

By: Cheikh Seck from Senegal

The door through which slaves had to pass in order to leave West Africa (Senegal) is the subject of this digital artwork by Cheikh Seck.

Meena Keshwar Kamal

By: Tom Block

Afghan revolutionary political activist, feminist, women's rights activist and founder of Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA), who was assassinated in 1987

Iqbal Masih

By: Sydney from Laguna Beach

Iqbal Masih was a Pakistani Christian boy who became a symbol of abusive child labor in the developing world.

Sojourner Truth

By: Tom Block

Sojourner Truth was an African American abolitionist and women's rights activist. Truth was born into slavery in Swartekill, Ulster County, New York, but escaped with her infant daughter to freedom in 1826.

These short films remind us that slavery still exists and that there are people working hard to fight against it.

Remembering History: EJI's Legacy Museum & National Memorial for Peace and Justice

Produced by:Trey Carlisle
MY HERO Reporter Trey Carlisle reports on the opening of the Equal Justice Initiative's National Memorial for Peace and Justice.

The Equal Justice Initiative

Gabriel Diamond
Bryan Stevenson and Equal Justice Initiative litigate cases for the unjustly imprisoned and work to reform the justice system.

I am a #youngworker

Saba Waheed

Young workers are the future of the country’s workforce – what happens to them has huge implications for how work is changing today. I am a #youngworker combines worker experience and research data into a powerful and artistic animated story.

Street Workers Unite

Produced by:Skoll Foundation
India's street vendors and rickshaw drivers are among the country's most vulnerable citizens. NIDAN is working to change that.

Dread Scott - Revolutionary Artist

Eva Haller Salon - Dread Scott

Eva Haller

Dread Scott on the Slave Rebellion Reenactment

Eva Haller

Stories from the Christian Science Monitor

'An uphill battle': states slow to observe Juneteenth
Credit: Stuart Villanueva CSM


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