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Iqbal Masih and the Crusaders Against Child Slavery

By Susan Kuklin

Publisher: Henry Holt & Company, Incorporated, October 1998
ISBN: 0805054596
MY HERO recommends this book to children readers.
It is a rare thing for a child to become an effective social/political activist and even more unusual to have that activism reverberate around the world. Iqbal Masih's dramatic life story was widely told in the American media after his 1994 visit to the United States to receive the Reebok Human Rights Foundation "Youth in Action" Award and his murder a few months later. Susan Kuklin builds on those accounts and many more to explain the tragic yet fruitful life of the young Pakistani rug weaver who broke out of bondage to become a leader against child slavery in his own country and abroad.
User Reviews:
Mckenzie | 2/9/2015 6:27 AM
obviously people haven't been writing on this website much. But, I do agree with all of these statements; a good way to show appreciation to Iqbal Masih. I envy the people who actually had a chance to speak to him Face to Face. He should be a hero to eve
Emily | 12/12/2014 11:06 PM
I cried when I read about this boy's life and how he died.
Isabella | 9/13/2012 1:11 PM
This child is amazing and a true inspiration.  I used this book for an religion task for inspirational people and I found Iqbal, it is so sad, but interesting about what happened to him and what he did to change the world.  I think it is one of the most greatest books I have read so far.
Poh Li | 5/6/2012 9:08 PM
I cried while I was reading this book because this boy who was suffer during his childhood. Especially this is the REAL LIFE STORY, he is just so brave to stand against the evil
austin conley | 3/21/2012 2:24 AM
he was so BRAVE....
lynzee swim | 3/21/2012 2:23 AM
this is horrible wat they did to him
apryl | 2/29/2012 8:27 AM
very interesting
fabrice | 2/16/2011 12:04 PM
iqbal is a real hero
cody | 12/18/2010 12:37 PM
iqbal is one of the best persons i known
Fatima | 11/22/2010 2:42 PM
I learned this 2day very sad plus I am from Pakistan n none of my cuzins work there
lily | 10/20/2010 4:13 AM
i am very sorry for iqbal
QAMAR ABBAS | 8/26/2010 6:34 PM
Laura | 5/25/2010 6:40 AM
Iqbal is my hero
chris | 4/30/2010 12:47 AM
im 11 and iqbal taught me to speak up for whats right it takes guts to stand up and tell people about carpet mafia
Cheylene | 3/31/2010 2:40 AM
I read his book and it touched me I did some more researchon him and found out a couple of things.Iqbal Masih (*R*I*P*) everyone looks up to were an amazing child and showed people the right ways to follow you didnt deserve to be killed that was jus ruthless you worked most of yur life and spent 2 years trying to improve then you get shot? that is so ignorent people just dont care anymore they do what ever but you are a role model for other people out there again R*I*P IQBAL MASIH
C.W | 2/16/2010 3:42 AM
his story is very sad. i agree that we in America hate getting up for school, doing anything are parents ask us to do. But yet Iqbal Masih (RIP) couldn't see his mother, had do work off his own familys debt for half of his short life. i think we should try and be more like him. Stop being lazy, get to work. Be more like Iqbal Masih!!(:
s waris | 12/24/2009 9:47 AM
we need to find a way to stop this crime against children, any ideas responed back. Has it really ended for good?
lashuwn tillman | 5/1/2009 4:04 AM
I think what they r doin is wrong
maywebe among the greatest | 4/9/2009 4:39 PM
Iqbal's story made my eyes full with tears I mean if we think about it we in United states as age of 12 we feel lazy and upset when we are told to run at school or do our personal chores and children like  Iqbal(RIP) face difficulties everyday and there is nothing we do to even care about this topic I hope people try to stop this crime for sake of humanity.
mikayla crawley | 2/19/2009 1:48 AM
i think that it was sad that Iqbal was killed because he never did anything wrong
c.h. | 2/19/2009 1:47 AM
im very upset that they killed iqbal because all he wanted to do was help save the other kids that went through what he went through because thats all he wanted
heaven | 2/19/2009 1:42 AM
that waz so wrong
heaven | 2/19/2009 1:41 AM
hero for all lives
Victor Nwaubani | 2/18/2009 8:05 AM
Am in grade 8 and reading about Iqbal as my Hero project.He was a brave Child and i think he should be Role Model of every kid out there.
Suchana patrakulpisit | 1/25/2009 3:47 PM
Hero for all lives.
| 1/9/2009 1:29 PM
I think thats wrong what they did to iqbal we should do a day where iqbal is remind by all of us
George Chughtai | 12/10/2008 5:53 PM
A sign of encouragement and change. we should keep on this movement so that we secure the unlimited number childerns life from labour.
moosa | 5/28/2008 10:05 AM
mashallah, this boy is great
alden | 11/13/2007 10:40 AM
im in grade six learning about him for my hero project im happy i chose him he was so brave and tough he is for working at that horrible place where you would get beaten for talking back! I couldnt even imagine what he had gone through or how it had felt
ryan | 11/7/2007 11:16 AM
sup im in 6th grade im lerning about him at school
Lauren | 11/7/2007 8:35 AM
I think Iqbal was so cool and brave for him to stand up for his rights. If i was in child slavery, i would do the same thing!!!!
Ashley V. | 8/17/2007 7:29 AM
I was first introduced to Iqbal's story in class, by the teacher who read the story out loud.  It really made me think about how petty all my problems were compared to all the less fortunate children out there.  It made me want to make a difference in this world, and that I could.  I am so grateful to have heard his story.  It inspired me, and it still amazes me every time.
fatuma ali | 5/14/2007 6:05 AM
this must be the most wonderful kid ever
ashley | 3/30/2007 8:15 AM
His story is so powerful that it opened my eyes to something that I had not realized before.  His way of thinking and attitude really startled me.  I guess I never seen or heard of a child with such unselfish dreams before.  Before reading his story, I guess I was just ignorant to the fact that his story is happening to thousands of other kids.  His words have changed the world today, and he will be forever remembered.
Maddie | 12/19/2006 8:44 AM
Iqbal is amazing! A true hero and has helped to save the lives of many children. Unfortunatly there are a lot more children out there that need our help and we as the people of today need to do something about it!
Stephanie | 10/20/2006 7:14 AM
He has gone through so much as a child but, he lost his life at such a young age but he changed the world forever.
Jos tuffson | 5/8/2006 12:38 PM
I think this boy is an inspiration to every nation in the world and i loved your book
melanie lor | 2/13/2006 5:45 AM
iqbal had alot of courage and bravery to do such a wonderful thing.... he deserved to be free.
Ilana | 2/9/2006 12:25 PM
What a brave and couragous person he fought against odds, and believed in the rights of chilren. He is the most brave person I know

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