Ito Moquito The Bunny

by Natthaly Matt from Tamaulipas, Mexico

140861Time for a walkMe 

140856He is ItoMeHi! I am Nataly, I am 17 years old and today I come to talk about who I consider ... my hero.

Ito is a bunny, his breed is a lion's head, his color is light yellow.

They bought it for me last year, on March 17 to be exact. By then I had already had a rabbit before him named Bonnie. I last very little and it is something that even today hurts me, because I did not know how to take care of rabbits a lot, I gave them carrots and tomatoes every day; unfortunately later I realized that this was very bad for them, in excess. About two years ago, I started suffering from depression, I took a lot of sleeping pills so I ended up in the hospital. I was 3 days hospitalized and then I also went to see psychologists and the psychiatrist. I have never liked being with a psychologist. I get very nervous when talking about my life, even if that person is a professional, and I must admit that in the post-hospital visits, he never said things as they were. Maybe only the first session I did, but they told everything I said to my mother. I did not like that, the psychologist is supposed to listen to you and help you, not to tell things to your family. Anyway, in the end the psychologists did not give me much confidence, sincerely they still do not. I also feel that I can not trust my family. Well, ah ... well the months went by and I honestly stayed the same. I had problems at school, although not because of grades because my grades were good. But well. I had my first bunny named Bonnie, I took good care of her, but if the food was what I didn't know about, she died when I was carrying her.

140857The one in white is called Bello, before we thought he was a woman:D.MeHonestly I was more bad for the loss of my first bunny. I started doing things that were honestly wrong. I will not specify much, but it happened because of the depression. The psychiatrist had given me pills for anxiety and they didn't help that much. Recapping March of last year. My mother bought me another rabbit. Obviously by then I already had more in mind the diets of rabbits, how to take care of them. I like to investigate things that I do not know on Google, so I learned more.

We went downtown and after searching several stores, we found rabbits. There were several to choose from so I didn't decide. I was just going to choose another one. It was one of those with lopsided ears, I always forget the name haha. But well, I let my mother choose. She chose a small yellow lion head rabbit, 3 months old. To be honest, I thought it wouldn't last long. I saw that it was shaking too much and I thought it was due to illness, but my mom liked it so we decided to take it. We took him, but not before buying him a few kilos of rabbit food. I was obviously very happy, although I couldn't decide on a name, but for the moment I let it go. Upon arriving at the house, the only thing he had at the time was a small blue tara. That's where he slept a few days before getting him a better house. I felt that he had become very accustomed to me, and I swear to them that at every moment I was going to see if he was okay. Sometimes I was afraid of how I would find him, and I remember that the first time I saw him sleep, he scared me too haha. Never I had seen a rabbit sleep, I didn't even see Bonnie sleeping.

140860Here we are in halloween time.MeWhenever Ito is with me or I have it loaded, he hides his head in one of my hands or in my forearm hahaha, it is very tender. And you will wonder what all this has to do with being a hero? Well, it was a very special part to not think more about the negative things. It made me distract myself with something else. Maybe for other people this or it means nothing, but, for me it means so much. He is my hero in many aspects. He has become an important part for my close family. I love him so much, and I always worry that something bad happens to him because yes, he is a living being and he also has risks of getting sick, and luckily it has only happened once. And then also a question that I suppose will be asked, Why Ito Moquito? Well, the first times we took him to the park he always drooled, and although it wasn't mucus, my sister said it was. And she started calling Ito Little, although I obviously did not like it, leaving only the diminutive, he kept the name of Ito, shortly after I liked how it rhymed hehe.

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I am Nataly Mata, I am 17 years old, I am from Mexico and I like rabbits :D.