Allen Iverson

by Amr from Cupertino, California

"Personally, I just want to win a championship."

Allen Iverson is a basketball star who plays on the Philadelphia 76ers. Born Allen Ezail Iverson in Hampton, Virginia he was born to a very poor mother and a father that deserted him. Growing up, he was very athletic, playing football and basketball throughout most of his education prior to college. Iverson began focusing on basketball at his mother's insistence, despite wanting to be a football player. He proved to be a talented basketball player. Iverson couldn't play basketball until he got his high school diploma then he got scholorships and was drafted as the top NBA pick in 1996.

He was named rookie of the year in 1997, and on more than one occasion he was an All NBA First Team, NBA All Star, was an All Star MVP, and received perhaps what was his crowning achievement to date when he was NBA MVP in 2001. That year Iverson led his team to the NBA finals, but had a rough ride against Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal's Lakers. They lost the championship in game five of the series. He's received a tremendous number of awards in his short career. He is under lifetime contract with Reebok. Iverson released a rap album, Slow Motion, with appearances by his friends Ma$e, Jermaine Dupri, Da Brat and Kool-G-Rap. Since 1998, he has hosted the Allen Iverson Celebrity Classic to benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Hampton Roads, Virginia.

Allen Iverson is my hero because he is very motivational and is a very good athlete to look up to and watch his games. He makes me realize that it doesn't matter the way you grew up and spent your young life, you can be whoever you and enjoy life. I also love basketball. Allen Iverson motivates me in that area. That's why Allen Iverson is my hero.

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