Jackie Robinson

by Shaan from Montvale

Jackie Robinson was born on January 31,1919, in Cairo, Georgia. He was known as a terrific baseball player,but he did more than. He was the first negro to ever play any sport. Jackie's childhood was very tough. He was the fifth born child in his family and he never he father. His mother had to do all the work for the five children in the family.

Jackie Robinson went to high school in Pasadena,California as a varsity athlete in football, basketball, and baseball.Robinson made the California State Tournament Baseball All-Star team as a senior.After that he went to The University of California ( UCLA ) In college he also made the All-Star game of 1941. He left UCLAin 1942 and played football for the Los Angeles Bulldogs. In that same year, he enlisted in the U.S Army.

In 1945, he was accepted to the Negro Leagues.Jackie hit .345 and recieved an invitation to the all-star game. In August of 1945, Dodgers' executive coach signed Robinson to a contract. Most of the players doubted him, but proved them wrong. Jackie Robinson lifetime average of .311 and helped the Dodger's wim six National League Pennants.And in 1956, he retired! After his retirement, Robinson wrote four autobiographies.

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