Jack Dawson

by Aichata BELLO from Bamako in Mali

True Love Never Die

119357Jack DawsongoogleJack Dawson is a hero of the American Titanic movie which traces a tragic love story between two people who come from two different worlds. He is a very modest adventurer who falls in love with Rose, fast, which happens to be the betrothed of a very rich bourgeois family.

why he does he inspire me ?

119358Jack and Rose at the last breath of Jackgoogle.... because when the boat hit an iceberg, and sank. in panic Jack helped save a lot of passengers Among which women, children and old people. With no choice, Jack gave his own life to save Rose "his beloved". His act reminds us of values ​​that have become very rare in our society. We can quote: generosity, sharing, goodness, humanism are close and even finished in our day. I know you are not forgotten, its values ​​is our life.

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