James Hoang

by Bryan Hoang from United States

124657"Get yourself educated to eliminate the poor."Personal PhotoMy hero is hard working, dependable, friendly, peaceful, trustworthy, devoted, gracious, and good-natured. My hero is my dad, James Hoang. He has been through countless situations during his childhood. My dad was born in the 5th district of Vietnam called Saigon, where he lived during the economic depression where the food was insufficient or limited.

My dad had many struggles. For example, when my dad first migrated to Baltimore, Maryland on a plane with his mother at age 15, and got picked up by his dad, my dad had struggled to learn English and using correct grammar in sentences.

Some heroes have someone they admire to become who they are. My dad has admired his 10th-grade teacher, Mrs. Lanville. He admired her because she was the one who taught him how to speak English, and she also let my dad stay with her for roughly a year to complete his semester. Mrs. Lanville had touched his heart by how she had taught many other students how to speak English and how she had let other students stay with her.

My dad is my inspiration because of how he has overcome the obstacles that faced him during his childhood. He inspires me by how he survived the economic depression in Vietnam and how he lived with his teacher to complete his semester. Also, he inspires me by how he came to America knowing a scarce amount of English, and he was the first person to go to college in my family.

Heroes don't always need a cape and superpowers to become one. They can be a person that you admire the most or a person from your family. A hero is a person that does something special and inspires you to follow their path. My hero is my dad.

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