Jane Goodall

by Olivia Vizzard from San Diego, California in United States

"Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference.
The least I can do is speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves.
The greatest danger to our future is apathy."

                                The Savior Of Chimpanzees Has Arrived132455Two chimpanzees enjoying their home as saved by Jane GoodallDelphine Bruyere [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

!Ooo oo Aaa aa! The sound of screeching monkeys as they fly upon the trees. Trekking through hot, dewy forests never knowing what you might encounter. You hear a substance drop behind, you jump. You turn around but there is nothing to be seen... again that sound of thumping as it rings in your ears. Slowly you turn, hoping there is not anything that might pose as a threat to you. You jump to see a baby chimpanzee perched on the roots of a tree. It is so teeny as it rests there eating the fruit it managed to find. It screeches at you, then swings away. Is it possible chimpanzees do not attack people? Jane Goodall is not like most; she is a developer of knowledge and a discoverer and is not afraid of the unknown. "When she was about two years old her mother gave her a stuffed toy chimpanzee... She was an accomplished student, but she had more interest in being outdoors and learning about animals... She loved animals so much that by the time she was ten or eleven she dreamed of living with animals in Africa...In her nearly sixty-year career as a groundbreaking primatologist and a passionate conservationist, Jane Goodall has touched the hearts of millions of people” (Goodall. Notable Women Scientists). In order to be a hero, a person must possess a quality of having or showing a friendly, generous, and considerate nature to others and be concerned more with the needs of others than their own. Jane Goodall is kind and selfless because she is a conservationist, zoologist, primatologist and a human who shows she has the ability to achieve. She deserves the title hero through her determination.

132452Jane Goodall posing for a picture for her recognition for her work being a Primatologist.U.S. Department of State from United States [Public domain]Jane Goodall’s willpower and fire to find the truth and discover, even though the subjects she wanted to study on were wild animals, she put their needs before hers, and because of this she is selfless. She worked effortlessly to promote conservation: “By empowering local communities, and working with them to address priorities they lack such as access to infrastructure like schools for their children, we are building a future of conservation leaders with the means to use sustainable practices for the benefit of themselves, their families and communities, along with wildlife” (The Jane Goodall Institute Homepage). She thought that if we educate these children about wildlife outside of our current knowledge, it would make our future better, and better for the children. This will help our civilization grow. She is focused on doing her most admirable work to help these animals because she did her research and started to discover as a child not just as she got older: “Her fascination with animal behavior began in early childhood. In her leisure time, she observed native birds and animals, making extensive notes and sketches, and read widely in the literature of zoology and ethnology”  (Goodall. Notable Women Scientists). She spent her free time helping animals and helping the animal community. She dedicated her childhood to studying animal behavior. Goodall did not do it because she was forced to, she did it because there was that special connection with animals she possessed. All in all, it can be justified that Jane Goodall is selfless throughout these acts she has performed and all the paths she chose to take.

132450Jane Goodall's chimpanzeeEvanmaclean [Public domain]Jane Goodall has persevered through frequent of obstacles in her life, she had thought about how numerous  problems the animals face and she has tried to make conditions better for her and for the animals and this makes her kind. She shows others that if you want to gain trust with one another, kindness and compassion should be shown to accomplish what your intention is: “Goodall used her newfound acceptance to establish what she termed the "banana club," a daily systematic feeding method she used to gain trust and to obtain a more thorough understanding of everyday chimpanzee behavior"  (Goodall. Notable Women Scientists).  She wanted to find a new way to help the chimps find an eating system so they could gain the trust of the humans and to hold a better understanding of everyday behavior between humans and chimps alike. So we can understand their language and consider what they have to say because they have been here much longer than all of us. This information keeps you contemplating if we all treat animals the way we would like to be treated then will we become one world animal and man alike?  “Jane’s empathy for the chimps depended during the rainy season when she caught glimpses of them huddled together beneath trees, cold, wet, and miserable. She noticed that baby chimps fared much better in bad weather because the mother's protected them from the elements. Goodall felt guilty going back to camp, where hot food and a warm bed awaited her. She dedicated that month to find resources that would be useful to monkeys" (Greene 60). She felt guilty that she has all of these resources that were useful to her and not the apes so she was kind enough to dedicate time to finding items that could be useful not only to chimpanzees but also to all apes seeking shelter from a rainstorm. Through this information, it can be argued that Jane Goodall is kind because of all of the effort she has put into an idea, and how many contributions she has made not just to humanity but to the animal kingdom.

132447Jane Goodall enjoying nature in the purest form.William Waterway [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]Jane Goodall is kind and selfless because she is a Conservationist, Zoologist, Primatologist but that is not what makes her a hero. She is a hero because she shows people through her determination that nothing is impossible. She took care of the animals and herself at the same time while still remaining in work mode learning and discovering new  ideas from these animals because we descend from them and they will consistently show up in our lives. She also found items for the animals that will help their wellbeing and their life for generations to come. Goodall is an inspiration because she believed that anything was possible. She thought the forest was more then we gave it credit for. “When you live in the forest, it is easy to see that everything’s connected” (The Jane Goodall Institute Homepage). She said this believing that all things in life were connected, that there was no start and no end. She thought that life evolved from the things before us. Mostly known monkeys and they are a huge part of our evolution. Goodall inspires children across the world to chase after their dreams and to never give up for what you believe in. She has inspired me to pursue my dream of becoming a zoologist and that is why I picked her as a hero. She is the epitome of a hero to not just me but the world for her discoveries, her recognition and her beliefs. It is stunning how one chimpanzee can change your view on what you thought was danger when you are looked at as the danger to their world. Is it possible humans and animals are not a threat to each other and that we are all just being misunderstood? One trip to the jungle changes your idea of a threat and one chimpanzee changes your perspective of life all together.

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