Jane Goodall Lesson Plan

Multi-media Curated Teacher Resource. Includes Discussion Guide and Learning Outcomes.

Jane Goodall Lesson Plan
Credit: Jane Goodall Institute
MY HERO celebrates the compassion, devotion, understanding, and wisdom of Jane Goodall - developed through a lifetime study of humanity's close relative, the chimpanzee.

The world's foremost expert on chimps, Jane established the Jane Goodall Institute, a global community conservation organization. The Jane Goodall Institute protects chimps and inspires people to conserve the natural world. A hero to many, she has inspired essays, art, and song from the MY HERO's community. Learn more about Jane's work below.


Jane Goodall, Mural created by students from San Diego

By: Todd and students from Southwestern college in San Diego

Jane Goodall, May Peace Prevail on Earth

By: Samantha Gamble from the United States (Age 11)


Jane Goodall

By: Katelyn from DuBois

" My mission is to create a world where we can live in harmony with nature."


Visions for the Future [Trailer]

Producer: Robert Rippberger

Visions for the Future is a series about visionaries, their views, and how they’re getting their hands dirty changing the world. (running time: 1:48 min)

Dream Jane Dream

A song for Jane Goodall by Lori Henriques Grammy®-Nominated Singer/Songwriter/Producer. (running time: 3:47 min)

Discussion Guide & Classroom Activities

1. Discuss how this multimedia content depicts Jane Goodall's wish that she wanted a world where we can live in harmony with nature? 

2. Analyze the two pieces of art. How do they each tell the story of Jane Goodall with image and words? Create a piece of art depicting your hero and share it with the MY HERO Project. 

3. How is the story of Jane Goodall told through song and images in Dream, Jane, Dream? Students explore how they can tell the story of their personal hero through song and/or images. 

4. Students create their own song telling the story of their personal hero. They are encouraged to share their song with the MY HERO Project.

5. Younger children sing the song Dream, Jane, Dream to learn about Jane Goodall's work. Create a class graphic organizer about what students learned. 

6. How is Jane Goodall an example that one person can make a difference in the world? Who is someone in your community who makes a difference?

Learning Outcomes

Students will gain a better understanding of how one person can make a difference in the world. They will be encouraged to explore the use of multimedia to celebrate their personal hero.



Laura Nietzer

The Jane Goodall lesson plan was created by MY HERO Teacher and Learning Circle Director Laura Nietzer, and features youth heroes.


Roots and Shoots - Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots is the Jane Goodall Institute’s (JGI) global youth-led community action program, comprised of thousands of young people inspired by Dr. Jane Goodall to make the world a better place.

Roots and Shoots
Jane Goodall Institute - You Tube
Credit: Jane Goodall Institute

Projects from the Roots and Shoots website
Credit: roots and shoots

The Jane Goodall Institute - promotes understanding and protection of great apes and their habitat and builds on the legacy of Dr. Jane Goodall, our founder, to inspire individual action by young people of all ages to help animals, other people and to protect the world we all share.

Jane Goodall Institute
Credit: Jane Goodall Institute

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