by Maximiliano Martinez from Coatzacoalcos in Mexico

Hello, my name is Javier, I am 42 years old, I studied veterinary medicine at the UV, I live
with my wife and my daughter with my 2 dogs and 1 cat, I live in CDMX.

What do you like about caring for animals?
that there are several types of animals.

What do you do to treat a pet?
Examining them and doing studies.

What do you use to examine pets?
Various medical instruments, like the stethoscope, magnifiers, electronic gear.

What do you like about being a veterinarian?
That I can help animals.

How did you know that being a veterinarian was going to be your profession?
Because for a long time I have really liked animals.

What or who made you know that you wanted to be a veterinarian?
My dad was also a vet and he inspired me.

What is your favorite animal?
cats and dogs.

What is the name of your shop?
It’s called the animal house

How old were you when you decided to be a veterinarian?
I was 17 years old.

Have you ever failed to heal an animal?
Yes, it’s not the best feeling on the planet.

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Extra Info

Name of student: Maximiliano
Grade: seventh grade Age: I'm 12 years old
Name of school: Crafts, English Workshops y Certifacation
Teacher: Guillermo O Lajud
References: Javier