Jennifer Vasquez

by Monica H from Ontario, California in United States

"Always stay positive and never lie."

133635My Hero Jennifer Vasquez original person photo A hero to me is a person who never gives up on themselves and has a lot of faith even through rough times. Every hero is not exactly the same because he/she is just a person that inspires you. A hero is not someone who thinks they're the best or the boss of everyone. It’s a person who treats everyone equally no matter who you are. That is why Jennifer Vasquez, my step mom, is my hero.

The reason why she has faith in herself is because she never gave up even though she had a newborn child when she was in college. She was also in an academy for beginner cops. If she wanted to be a cop she had to stay at the academy for six months. She didn't end up doing it because she didn't want to leave her newborn child for that long. Now Jennifer wishes that she would've went to the academy because she really wants to be a cop now and her baby would have still known her.

Jennifer's brother is her hero because he was always there for her more than anyone else in her life. His name was Beto. She sees him as a dad, not a brother, because her mom and her dad weren't really taking care of her as a child. Her childhood wasn't ordinary like a kid who had their mom and dad always with them, always supporting them. Her childhood was different and difficult because she only had three brothers and she was the youngest and only one brothers was there for her. Even if she didn't give birth to that child, Jennifer doesn't want anyone to feel that way because she knew how terrible it felt.

Jennifer is my hero because she never gives up. No matter what happens to her, she always gets back up. And I respect that because when something happens to me, I wouldn't always get back up. I always ask myself how does she always believe everything will be okay in every negative situation she had. Jennifer says that you have to think positive... ALWAYS, and thanks to my hero, now I do.

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