John F Kennedy

by Adrian from Pristina

In my opinion to be a hero, you need three qualities,. First off, I think you need bravery because, if someone is in danger, you will be fearless and help them even if it is a dangerous situation. Another quality you need is kindness. The reason you need kindness is you need to be kind to help someone if they're in trouble even if you like the person or not. Finally, the last thing you need is to be clever, because if somebody is in a tough situation, you must be clever to get them out of it. 

John F Kennedy also known as Jack to his family and friends was the 35th US president. He served in the Navy for four years and was in the House of Representatives and on top of that he was in the US Senate! He was a good leader and wanted good things. That is important because if you have a good leader, you have a good country. He was also a clever president and clever boy, which was important because if he or his family and country were in danger he would step up and not be afraid, and he would not back down. 

On May 29th, 1917, J.F.K was born in Brookline Massachusetts. J F K's life as a kid was hard due to constant illness. When he was two, he almost died from scarlet fever. But J.F.K did enjoy sports but preferred to read more. He was clever and charming as a kid on top of that. J.F.K entered Harvard University in 1936 and then graduated in 1940! He graduated from Harvard with honors in political science. Following that he went to Stanford University Business School (I know such a long name) for six months. 

After leaving Stanford University Business School, he met the love of his life Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and they were married in 1953 J.F.K. also had three children that were named J.F.K. Junior, Caroline Kennedy, and then Patrick Kennedy who sadly died at birth. J.F.K. was sworn in as the 35th us president on January 20th, 1961. Then on November 22nd in Dallas Texas, America lost one of their best presidents due to being shot by Lee Harvey Oswald. Then two days after the incident Lee Harvey Oswald was killed being transported to a different prison after he pleaded, that he was not guilty. 

As you now know J.F.K.'s childhood was tough so he had to overcome many challenges such as always being sick, and he would be in bed for weeks or months. He also was the only person in the family who studied politics, which was a hard burden due to his dad forcing him to be into politics. 

In conclusion, I think J.F.K. would have been an exceptionally good leader because he was brave, and he would step up to any challenge that needed him. He was also kind and he showed this by listening to the people and solving problems. And finally, he was clever, and he showed this by in tough situations he always managed to get people out of them. And that is why I think he is a true hero! 


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