Media Arts 2020




"Journalism is an act of faith in the future."   

- Ann Curry


TEDx - Zachary Maxwell Tales of a Teenage Filmmaker

If you are looking to make change in your community you can learn a lot from this talk. This teenage film maker can give you insight on how to make significant change from behind the lens of a camera.

Zachary Maxwell is a fourteen-year-old documentary filmmaker from New York City. His films and workshops encourage young people to use creativity as a method of civic engagement and a way to spark meaningful change in one’s community.


Shooting Sequences for the Edit

Editor Garry gets behind the camera to show you the shots you'll need to get on location for a seamless sequence.









PBS Student Reporting Lab - Shooting B-Roll

In Episode 1, SRL Producer Jordan Vesey takes you around the nation's capital as she explains why the acquisition of b-roll is critical and how to properly do it.