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MAY 7, 2019 - SANTA MONICA, CA - MY HERO mentors help teachers, students and activists around the world develop skills to share their stories. Our award-winning educational program provides free digital storytelling tools, and a large media library of inspiring stories, art and films, to enrich learning in classrooms everywhere. Come hear our inspiring mentors and learn ways to enhance your classroom experience. 

June 8, 2019
5:00 PM — 6:00 PM
Moss Theater - New Roads School 
3131 Olympic Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Speakers include:

Jeanne Meyers — Co-founder and Director of The MY HERO Project— Jeanne is a film and media producer, She co-founded the website in 1995 with Karen Pritzker and Rita Stern-Milch. Jeanne will introduce the MY HERO team and give an overview on the MY HERO Project.

Xenia Shin — MY HERO Managing Editor will share ways in which MY HERO’s Calendar and Hero Lesson Plans can bring classroom curricula to life and inspire students to take action. Xenia is the lead for MY HERO's Women Transforming Media Project and has produced award winning short films and written stories for MY HERO.

Shannon Luders Manuel — Editor and Writer for the MY HERO Project’s Writing Program — Shannon is a critical mixed-race scholar whose writing has been featured in the New York Times, New York Daily News, Los Angeles Review of Books, Essence and more. She will explain how MY HERO’s Create tool helps students develop research skills, digital literacy and character.

Wendy Milette — Director of MY HERO’s Media Arts Education Program— Wendy is an educator who has designed and taught film workshops all over the world. She will talk about ways MY HERO’s film festival, film library, workshops and Global Exchange program help develop students' digital storytelling skills. She will also talk about using hero themed films to help students push the boundaries of their comfort zones and learn about diverse people and subjects.

Victoria Murphy — Director of MY HERO Art Gallery and Arts Education Program — Victoria established the MY HERO Arts Education Program and serves at its Director. She will share works of art made by students and professionals from around the world and discuss ways we can encourage all students to create and learn about art.

Mohamed Sidibay — MY HERO Global Ambassador — Mohamed will share his inspiring journey from former child soldier to global human rights activist and how he came to be a friend to MY HERO. He will offer insights into the global impact of MY HERO in education.

Marc Ostrick — MY HERO Global Exchange — Marc recently returned from India, where he used MY HERO educational resources to teach a State Department funded workshop with Video Volunteers. He will talk about ways to incorporate MY HERO curricula in classrooms and after-school programs around the world.

In our globally connected world we have an opportunity to learn from one another, to exchange stories that honor those who are tackling the great challenges of our time and working to improve the quality of life for all. The MY HERO Project, a non-profit educational organization, provides teachers and students with free digital, multimedia tools to publish web pages that honor heroes around the world using stories, artwork, audio and films.


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Join us afterward for:

A Night of Heroes - Making Waves in Global Education

a benefit for The MY HERO Project 

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