Karicia Castaneda

by Isaiah M from Ontario, California in United States

"Life is like a swing, it goes up and down."

Who I think of as a hero is a person who loves helping others. A person who puts others before themselves. A person with a good mental ethics. A person who can inspire other people to get up and do something positive.

What inspired my sister Karicia is our grandmother Hereberta. Why she inspired Karicia is that our grandmother would always take care her when our mom would go to work to support her. Her childhood was mostly outside playing with her brother Edgar.                                                                                 

A challenge that she had to overcome is to learn to speak English. How she did this is every day our mother Maribel would teach her some English. Why this makes her a hero is that from 5 years old to now she is now she is asked to go to a Scripps summer program.

133178My sister KariciaOriginal personal photo 

Some advice she would give young people is to not procrastinate and love your family because they got you. A quote Karicia said is, "Life is like a swing, it goes up and down.” What I learned from Karicia is that I need to love my family even if they make me angry.

I love my inspirational, loving, and tough sister. This is why I chose my sister as my hero, Karicia Castaneda.

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