Young Heroes


by :) from Slovenia

A best friend is someone that you can go to for anything you need. Karin has helped me out many times, and that is why she is my hero. Anytime I need advice, she does the best she can to help me, even if I’m in a difficult situation. If I’m feeling sad, she knows  how to make me happy. I know I can depend on her because she has always been trustworthy in the past. She is the only person that I can talk to about anything, and not have to worry about her judging me or telling anyone else. I know that if I ever needed a favor from her, she would do it. The security of having someone to turn to, no matter what, is an important feeling. A best friend is an important person in everyone’s life for this reason. Karin is my hero because she is one of the best friends that I could ever ask for.

A hero should be someone that you can look up to. I look up to Karin because of her personality. She works extremely hard at everything she does, and I respect that. She is such a caring person, and is always nice to everyone. She has more morals and values than anyone I’ve ever met. A positive hero is someone that inspires you. Karin definitely does this for me, and that is why she is my hero.

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