David T. Kauffman

by Caleb from Pinehurst

My hero is David Kauffman, my dad. He is a sergeant in the U.S. Army at Ft. Bragg. Currently, he is in Iraq fighting the "War of Freedom." He should be home in April.

The first reason that my dad is my hero is because he protects our soldiers. His job is to purify water in order to make the water safe for drinking. Without clean water, the soldiers will become sick and will be unable to perform their tasks. Two out of three Christmases, my dad has been with the military. I miss him, but it is something that he has to do.

The next reason my dad is a hero is because he helps my family. When he is home, he takes me to hockey practices. He helps my mom clean the house and cook. One time when my great grandmother was moving from Ohio to North Carolina, the movers backed out. My dad rented a moving truck and off we went to Ohio. We did not get much sleep that weekend but my great grandmother was moved.

My dad is my hero because he is a great father and he doesn't have to be. My dad is going to adopt me so that I will have his last name - Kauffman. I am really excited about it. It is kind of funny because people already think we look alike.

I love my dad very much. I want him to stay safe and to come home soon. Until then I will be thinking about him!

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