Helen Adams Keller

by Michelle S.from Montreal

Helen Keller was blind and deaf since she had been a little girl. Her teacher spelled out all the words that she did not know in her hand. Because she was frustrated, she behaved really badly, and her teacher had to train her how to behave. Once, when Helen spilled a jug of water, her teacher put the liquid in her hand while she spelled out the word "water'. This was the first breakthrough for Helen. Her teacher did this motion over and over, until Helen realized she was spelling words in her hand.After she knew the words, she could understand what the teacher meant. I think Helen was a hero because she overcame her disability. She wrote a lot of books in braille and she got her books published in many different languages. Helen graduated Radcliffe college, and went on tours all over the world raisng money for people with disabilities. She was honored by presidents and kings, but she always said that she was just a simple person trying to help the world understand about people with disabilites. That is why she is my hero.

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