Kelsey McPhee

by Emily Horne - 5th grade - from Walton School

Hi there, I'm Emily, and today I am going to be telling you about my hero. My hero is Kelsey McPhee, I chose her because she is an Magic Netball player, and she inspires me. I meet her when I walked onto the court with her. She was really nice and sweet.

Kelsey was born on September 16th, 1997, which means she is 23 years old. Her favorite positions to play are GS and GA (they my favorite positions too).

She has blondie brownie hair, a big smile, and brown eyes, and is very tall. Her personality is happy, joyful and feisty on the court. This year she has played 13 matches and has scored 270 goals. 

So that's why Kelsey McPhee is my hero, and I wish to grow up and be like her. Thank you for your time.

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