Kobe Bryant

by Colby Fraser from Cochrane, AB, Canada

My Hero: Kobe Bryant

By Colby 

“I can't relate to lazy people. We don't speak the same language. I don't understand you. ”


I chose to write about Kobe Bryant because he was a basketball legend and I really like basketball. Another reason is the day he died was January 26, 2020 which has recently passed.The book I am using is a biography. This book is 49 pages long.This book covers from when he was born in 1978 to when he passed away in 2020. This book was written in 2020 shortly after Kobe died.The author Ellen Labrecque is a freelance writer who lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two kids.

151050Kobe Bryantby ColbyKobe Bryant was born August 23, 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. He grew up in Italy, he lived there for seven years before following in his dads footsteps. Kobe Bryant lived with his parents, Joe Bryant, Pam Bryant, and his sisters Sharia, and Shaya. Kobe Bryant went to Bala Cynwyd Middle School and once he graduated middle school he moved on to Lower Merion High School. When Kobe was younger he was very interested in basketball and the Los Angeles Lakers. He always dreamed of playing for the Lakers and his dream came true in 1996 when he got drafted to the Lakers. When Kobe was eight he got a 63 point game because he found his opponent's weakness. His opponent's weakness was that most eight year olds couldn't dribble with their left hand, so every time they dribbled with their left hand Kobe stole the ball. Kobe's biggest inspiration is his dad who was a NBA player for Orlando Magic. When Kobe was younger it was his dream to play basketball professionally and be on the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe knew that we would make it to the NBA because of his hard work. Kobe was super serious about sports and wouldn't smile when he played, later on he told his Los Angeles Lakers teammates to be more serious and not smile when they played. It helped them win more games and championships.


In Kobe's first few years in the NBA he was a bad teammate. He barely passed the ball and did not really communicate with his teammates. Later on he learned he couldn't win alone. Once he learned this the Lakers did so much better. Kobe practicing all day and night contributed the most to get him to the NBA. The practice helped because practice makes improvement. Qualities about Kobe are his hard work, getting him to the NBA. His sportsmanship and helping his team's success. Kobe was a great dad. Throughout Kobe's career he had a few bad injuries causing him to miss: 15 games for a fractured metacarpal, 14 games for severe right ankle sprain, at least 39 games for a fractured knee and 19 games for achilles' surgery. The saddest part about the book is Kobe Bryant passing away in the helicopter crash. Kobe Bryant has won tons of awards in his career like: #1 high school player, a few MVP awards, and many more. One of many of Kobe's accomplishments getting drafted to the Charlotte Hornets will go down in history.

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Two things that surprised me is Kobe living in Italy for a period of his life and Kobe could speak fluent Italian. One thing that disappointed me is that he was a bad teammate at times. If I met Kobe when he was alive the first question I would ask him is what it was like in the NBA being friends with such iconic people, Second I would say “Do you like being famous?”. I would ask this question because I always wonder if it's nice being famous or if it's annoying people crowding around you and fans being everywhere you go. Lastly, I would ask him if he could be my personal trainer and help me improve at basketball. I would want Kobe to be my dad because he would coach me in basketball and he is a great dad. The book “Who is Kobe Bryant” did a great job describing Kobe’s life and sharing a lot of his stories and his challenges. Some things I learned from this book is that sportsmanship and being a good teammate really matters in sports. Kobe had poor sportsmanship and lost almost all of his games and then he started passing more and overall being a better teammate. Suddenly they started winning all his games, that's why sportsmanship is important. I also thought Kobe was 100% perfect till I read this book. I've already mentioned it but Kobe being a bad teammate in his past and I can apply this to my basketball game. You may not like to read this book if you don't follow basketball. Otherwise if you follow basketball “Who was Kobe Bryant” is an amazing book to describe Kobes life. I'm happy I chose this book because I learned lots about Kobe's life, like him growing up in Italy and how he became a NBA All Star. After reading this I would say Kobe Bryant is my hero

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