Leonardo da Vinci

by Conner from Jasper

Leonardo Da Vinci was a master in many fields. He was a great inventor, artist, and scientist. He is said to be the most brilliant person in history. His inventions and art are still admired today.

Leonardo was born April 15, 1452 in the small town Vinci of Tuscany. He was given the best of educations by his wealthy father in the town of Florence. He showed much promise from the start and soon was inducted to the writers guild. He also was an apprentice to a man named Andrea del Verrocchio.

In 1472 he became master of his own work. His first job was to paint an alter piece for the chapel of the Palazzo Vecchio. Around this time he started and dropped many different pieces

In 1842 he began his career as an inventor. He impressed the duke of Milan with an astonishing letter telling of pitiable bridges and things. He also told of wonderfully terrible motions of war that could lay waist to entire armies. This man to me sounds like a man we need today. He told of unsinkable double hulled ships. These were just a few of the devilishly creative and colorful inventions and ideas.

He then spent a long period of his life in Milan, where he created more paintings and architectural designs. During the second Florentine period he created the famous painting the Mona Lisa, the only one of that time to survive. In 1516 he went to France to serve King Francis I. He spent his last years here, finishing off his life still serving the king. He produced a relatively small number of paintings, most of which were unfinished. He was a great man nonetheless.

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